Now then, just what is happening. I loose sound in VMware IF I cause a sound from one of the Buttons on my main WebPage. After the sound, then inside VMware it claims that /dev/dsp is busy. I have tried other sounds and they do not seem to affect it. I have a chimes sound that I play through KMPlayer and it will not hurt VMware. However, I go into Firefox, pass over a button in my Flash Header to get a sound and then it keeps the sound busy, or so VMware thinks. All I have to do is exit Firefox then click on the VMware sound item in the VMware status frame and click connect and sound is available. If I try this before closing Firefox it will not work. I have been checking and trying different things with ESD and aRts and not having much success. Then I discovered that they are not realy used in this version. After and intial startup I checked them and found that neither was running. However, I got sound in both Linux and VMware, until I passed over one of my buttons on my main WebPage. ================================================= !!Sound Servers on this system !!---------------------------- ESound Daemon: Installed - Yes (/usr/bin/esd) Running - No aRts: Installed - Yes (/opt/kde3/bin/artsd) Running - No ================================================= Petr Vandrovec Alllrighty, I thought it might just be my implementation but I went to another WebPage and tried their sound and it messed up my VMware also. So, it is something to do with Flash and/or Firefox. Hmmmmm... just getting off the page will allow me to re-activate the VMware sound. But I can't as long as I am just on the page after using the sound.

VMware Sound Fixes   Reference: GenietVanHetLeven

Loosing sound in VMware Guest:
cp /usr/bin/vmware /usr/bin/vmware.orig
kate /usr/bin/vmware

I added the following comments and command at the start of the script:

# 090811 patch to use alsa sound vice oss
# exec
Can not record:
This implies that KMix should have a module for capture and that it is presently muted.

I added the Capture channel (KMix > Menu > Settings > Configure Channels) and checked its checkbox.

Then tested with KRecord. It works!!!

Now, try on VMware. It works too!

========================================= "Improving Sound Performance If you notice that sound skips in your guest operating system , you may try adding two variables to your virtual machine's configuration file (.vmx on Windows hosts, .cfg on Linux hosts). These variables are sound.maxLength and sound.smallBlockSize. VMware cannot provide you with specific settings to use; how these settings affect your sound quality depends on many factors, including your environment and the way you are employing sound. But here are some general rules of thumb to use when setting these variables: * Set these values to powers of 2, such as 64, 128 or 512. * To overcome skipping, setting these values lower than 512 should help. * The sound.maxLength setting should be greater than or equal to the sound.smallBlockSize setting.' Where is the Config file in linux???? "....vmx on Windows hosts, .cfg on Linux hosts..." Failed to open sound device /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy