Setting up my Domain:

  1. First you need a Domain Name OR you need a Domain. Sounds like double talk and that is really what it is. Now I got the Domain Name first from ACT NOW DOMAINS.
    Domain Information For:    TRCOMPUTING.NET
    Status:                    Active            
    Registration Expires:      Sunday, February 16, 2003
    Last Modified:             2/16/2002 1:15:23 PM
    Registrant:      Chuck Taylor
                      7708 N. 108th Drive
                      Glendale, Arizona 85307
     Name Servers:    PARK1.JOMAX.NET  changed to DNS1.HRNOC.NET
                      PARK2.JOMAX.NET  changed to DNS2.HRNOC.NET
  2. Then I looked at their recommended hosting sites. The first one was only $4.95 a month but it was gona take a couple of days to get it. The second one was more expensive, but it offered instant access and more disk space. I looked at others but they were either more expensive or didn't offer the right stuff. So I finally went with Host Rocket.
  3. Ok now. We .. I have both a Domain Name and a Hosting Site. Need to get the 2 together.
  4. Go back to ACT NOW DOMAINS and edit my account. In Modify DNS Information change from being parked here to the Name Server(s) of the hosting service.
  5. Now we/I can login at
    Index of /~trcompu
    [     ] Name               Last modified         Size Description
    [[DIR]] Parent Directory   16-Feb-2002 20:28      -  
    [[DIR]] cgi-bin/           16-Feb-2002 18:28      -  
    [[DIR]] openbb/            29-Jan-2002 00:56      -  
    Apache/1.3.20 Server at Port 80
    So now we have a boring site. Just a directory. In essence, I have just been given a userid on their system. Now I believe that it is supposed to have a public_html dir on it for me but as you can see it is not listed. Could be that the Parent dir is it.
  6. In addition to the above there is a control panel screen. This has a special login.
    http://trcompu:password@   Notice your password is part of the URL string.
  7. Well, I was sorta right on the directory structure, but not totally.

Later - couple of years

    Kinda got side tracked and never did finish this. Probably still won't but will update it a little. There have been updates and changes since my site was first setup.

    Yes there is a public_html in my personal area on the Host Site. This is where my visitors are sent when they visit. From the index file I have links to other areas that I want to share. There are two private areas, one personal and one where I experiment with a clients code. Other than that, it is open to the public.

    My domain name is now handled thru HostRocket, the host of my site. It's renewal is part of my yearly site renewal.


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