Intro - Apr 2002

I'm getting a message that dhclient startup failed when I startup SuSE Linux. However,
everything appears to be working fine. After looking on the Internet I found a conversation
that somewhat explains my problem. Strange on the time frame cause it wasn't much after that
that I setup dynamic addressing on all my machines.

This is an extract from the boot.msg logfile:
/etc/init.d/rc5.d/S02dhclient start

Starting service dhcp client on eth0 startproc: execve (/sbin/dhcpcd) [ /sbin/dhcpcd -t 999999 eth0 ], [ PWD=/ BOOT_FILE=/boot/vmlinuz HOSTNAME=dusty-tr CONSOLE=/dev/console vga=0x0317 PREVLEVEL=N AUTOBOOT=YES MACHTYPE=i386-suse-linux LINES=34 SHLVL=2 COLUMNS=104 BOOT_IMAGE=linux SHELL=/bin/bash HOSTTYPE=i386 OSTYPE=linux HOME=/ TERM=linux PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin RUNLEVEL=5 INIT_VERSION=sysvinit-2.78 _=/sbin/startproc DAEMON=/sbin/dhcpcd ]

pidofproc: dhcpcd 298
dhcpcd[298]: infinite IP address lease time. Exiting

'/etc/init.d/rc5.d/S02dhclient start' exits with status 7


On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 07:39:45AM -0600, Joshua Trutwin wrote:

> I probably need to read more about samba and how to configure my
> WinDohs machines, but reading my router documentation (Netgear
> RT314) a filter is set up by default to block NetBIOS name service
> request from a local PC to the DNS server (set up on
> I assume that this information would need to go to the DNS server.

Not quite true. The Netgear is simply preventing NetBIOS stuff from
entering/leaving your LAN from/to the outside world. This is almost
certainly what you want. It has no effect on how NetBIOS works within
your local LAN.

With respect to the DHCP situation (infinite lease time). When you
boot up, your computer asks the DHCP server (the Netgear router) for
an IP address. The router gives it an IP address and says that your
machine can keep it forever. The message you see is not an error
message, just an informational message. Since your computer now has an
IP address that is good forever it doesn't need to run the daemon to
keep track of things and get a new IP address when the current one
expires (since it will never expire). You can see the status of things
from the Netgear's perspective as follows:

        telnet netgear
        ip dhcp enif0 status

On my system this shows that the lease time is 259200 seconds (which
is 72 hours -- not infinite), but I also see the infinite lease time
message. So, I don't fully understand, but I don't think anything
important is wrong.

Also, your Netgear has two network connections (one to the cable
company and one to your LAN). It acts as a DHCP client on the cable
company connection and as a DHCP server to your LAN. There is no
conflict here.

  hostnames and IP addresses - Mar 2011

Well, I have a problem. In using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), the IP's of my hosts on my LAN keeps changing. This gets to be a pain, cause I want to use hostnames... and I want to assign them. Hmmmmm... the names don't change -but- the IP's can ... and ... do. Ok. We don't want to get all carried away. The only reason there is a problem is ... I have had a lot of server PowerOFF and PowerOns lately in my experimenting -and- cause of Cable Service Glitches. Normally, they stay the same. Just have to be aware that they can change -and- then we have to edit the host files.

Pieces of info that I picked up investigating all this and may need later:
A good description.
How-to Get or change LAN config
openBSD Networking DHCP FAQ

From Database Forum we have:

> > ...
> > I must have same hostname. All I want is ignore the hostname given by
> > DHCP and set it to whatever I want. I have no control over DHCP
> > server. Is there any way out?
> Most DHCP clients have a config file that allows you the control
> you need. *For ICS it is /etc/dhclient.conf. *I don't know which
> DHCP client you have; check its man page.
> -Wayne

This is precisely what I am looking for, in Linux you will get this /
etc/dhclient.conf whats the equivalent working stuff in solaris 10?
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