Network Switch

I chose this switch firstly cause of its price and secondly cause of its size. It works fine and I would recomend it to anyone.

Hawking Switch - Model: PN108ES

The PN108ES provides 8 auto-sensing RJ-45 10Base-T/100Base-TX ports to increase the performance of your network by bringing full Ethernet bandwidth to individual workgroups or straight to your desktop, which will eliminate the need to share the bandwidth of a single network. It is also capable of connecting 10M, 100Mbps, half and full duplex simultaneously. In addition, all ports are Auto-sense Crossover ports for easy connection to other Switches or Hubs for network expansion.

Switching is a cost-effective way of increasing the total network capacity available to users on a local area network. A switch increases capacity and decreases network loading by dividing a local area network into different segments, which don't compete with each other for network transmission capacity.

The switch acts as a high-speed selective bridge between the individual segments. The switch, without interfering with any other segments, automatically forwards traffic that needs to go from one segment to another. By doing this the total network capacity is multiplied, while still maintaining the same network cabling and adapter cards.

For Fast Ethernet networks, a switch is an effective way of eliminating problems of chaining hubs beyond the two-repeater limit. A switch can be used to split parts of the network into different collision domains, making it possible to expand your Fast Ethernet network beyond the 205-meter network diameter limit for 100BASE-TX networks. Switches supporting both traditional 10Mbps Ethernet and 100Mbps Fast Ethernet are also ideal for bridging between existing 10Mbps networks and new 100Mbps networks.

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