I have mapped the image so that if you click on one of the areas you will either get an explanation or a statement saying what will be described there... eventually. If you are lucky enough to get here when they are all done then congrats to you. The equipment has changed over the years -but- all I've had to do was unplug the LAN connections from the old and plug them into the new... and it all still worked.
Cats_PC Dars_PC Hawk_Switch RT311_Router TR_9995 Wrk_8370 PS110_cp1700 Cable_Modem
I had first set this up using a jpeg version. I converted it to interlaced gif format and only changed the name. Since the drawing was, essentially, exactly the same, it worked. I didn't have to remap it. When I clicked (on one of my chosen spots) it showed the info to be the same as what I had in the jpeg version. Dreamweaver did a pretty good job .. hey what?? That's why I like it. This link will carry you to the newest version. I only have the old one but it still does what I need. (Can't afford to upgrade every 6 months or so.)

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