Network Setup Check Sheet

    This was borrowed/stolen from: VPN Case Study Site

	ISP Information PPPoE or PPPoA
	Account name: _________________________
	Password: _________________________
	WAN Information
	I have a dynamic IP address: Yes or No
	Static IP address: ____.____.____.____ (If need it )
	Subnet mask: ____.____.____.____ (If need it )
	Gateway IP address: ____.____.____.____ (If need it )
	DNS Server IP addresses: (If need it )
	Primary: ____.____.____.____
	Secondary: ____.____.____.____
	LAN Information
	Internet IP address: ____.____.____.____
	Subnet mask: ____.____.____.____
	Gateway IP address: ____.____.____.____(If need it )
	DNS Server IP addresses:(If need it )
	Primary: ____.____.____.____
	Secondary: ____.____.____.____
	Router Access Information
	Router Password: ______________________________
	Router IP: ____.____.____.____ (if changed from default)
	Remote Management Port: ______________
	Wireless Settings (if you have wireless equipment)
	Wireless Network Name (called a Service Set Identifier or SSID). Up to
	32 characters. Use the same name with all devices in your wireless network.
	Wireless Network Name: __________________________
	Security Encryption Passphrase (called Wired Equivalent Privacy or WEP). Use the
	same for all devices in your wireless network. The default setting for Security Encryption
	is Disabled.
	Security Encryption Passphrase: ______________________
	VPN Client (Choose either one for your setup. Router to Router setup discard this
	LAN IP for this PC:____.____.____.____
	Virtual Adapter IP: ____.____.____.____


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