When involved with a client's Windows Network I had to work with another machine that was setup using RedHat
WinXP and RedHat Networking
  1. Create User and Passwd on WinXP.
  2. Create same User and Passwd on Linux.
    Command Notes
  3. Check for a users.map file on Linux.
  4. Create a group with same name as username on Linux.
    Command Notes
  5. Setup owner only privileges on user's dir in Linux.
  6. Set IP address, Subnet mask and Default Gateway on WinXp.
  7. Set Preferred and Alternate DNS on WinXP.
  8. Both of the above should match on Linux.
  9. Need proper hostname on both Linux and WinXP and they are not the same!
  10. Both must be in the same domain or workgroup.
  11. ** Change passwd on WinXP to plain text.
  12. Make sure the smb.conf is setup properly on Linux.
  13. Make sure smbd and nmbd are running on Linux.

  14. Now my home dir on Linux is \\dars-pc\home\chucktr, but when I map it to a drive on WinXp it only shows \\dars-pc\chucktr.
  15. When you finally want to connect to the Linux Machine from the WinXP machine, even though when it asks for a passwd and you only see Hostname/guest, enter the proper passwd for this user and it will connect!!!