Whats Loaded

    Now then, some of these programs have already changed owners and some of the programs themselves have also been changed. That's the nature of Computing. Someone always has, or thinks they do, a better idea. Hopefully, IF you are taken to a newer version it will be as good as these. Under the headings Linux and Windows, the Yep and Nope refer to MY status. If it says nope/yep that means I don't have it BUT they do sell it for that OS.
The First 9 are loaded in that order. After item 9 you can load them in any order. Of course, the ones that are marked as used in both, will have to have the Linux portion loaded after number 9, even though they are listed before 9. First Column is blank so you could print this out and check off each item as it is loaded.

  Program Linux Windows Free/Cost What it does Web Site
  1. MS WinXP nope yep Cost Windows OS WinXP Media Center
  2. avast nope yep Free/Home use Excellent AntiVirus avast.com
  3. AdAware nope yep/nope/maybe Free/Home use Anit-Spy/Anti-Ad Lavasoft
  AdAware - the reason for the 'indetermination' is... the recent versions of AdAware have included Anti-Virus activities. These conflict with avast! and that can not be tolerated. We like avast! and plan to continue using it. AdAware claims a compatibility mode that we have tried -and- it seems to work. -But- be aware that IF the System is NOT setup correctly there will be two Anti-Virus routines fighting each other. AdAware should be setup to be run Manually... UNLESS you are going to use its Anti-Virus.
  4. Homesite nope yep Cost Excellent Web Page creator/editor. Macromedia
  5. Paint Sop Pro 8 nope yep Cost Excellent Graphics Editor Jasc/Corel
  6. Partition Magic nope yep Cost Very Good Partitioner Symantec
  7. Firefox yep yep Free Internet Browser mozilla
  Various Plugins are needed for Firefox. They can be installed at any time, or not, but they are needed for proper operations of some sound and video items. And Plugger is one of the more important ones ... I was trying hard to remember it and couldn't. That is why it is specially mentioned here. Some of these can now be loaded via Yast. Check for them before going to the Net.
Please look at Firefox for my 7480. And don't for get the Win32-codecs if you want to see the wmv's.
  8. Thunderbird yep yep Free Excellent Email mozilla
  9. openSuSE Linux yep nope Free/Cost Excellent Linux OS  
  AFTER Linux is loaded and almost immediately we need to re-setup our "Personal Environment". This involves the following items:(which were previously saved...right???)
  • .xinitrc
  • .alias
  • .function
  • .bashrc
  • home bin dir - my personal progs
  • home scripts dir - my personal scripts
  • home gifs dir - my personal images and icons
  • home sounds dir - some sounds I use
  • home notes dir - notes taken... and saved
  • home .vmware dir (has my license)
  • Firefox Bookmarks
  • Thunderbird Address Book and prefs
  • Create E-mail Boxes/Addresses - Just so happens that I had recently copied my mail boxes over to a "safe" place. So I was able to copy them back ... almost like nothing ever happened.
  • /etc/apache2/httpd.conf -or- fixes AND mod_userdir.conf
    These were fixes in 10.3 and not sure how they apply to the newer ones. The fixes are so I can run my WebPages locally.
  • /etc/DIR_COLORS - since I have my own terminal windows in colors, I need to use the proper colors in them for things to show up.
  • /etc/rc.d/boot.local - my own personal startups at boot
    /etc/rc.d/halt.local - my own personal shutdowns at power off
  • /etc/samba/smb.conf - needed to share with Windows.
  • smbpasswd -a ctaylor    - need to set the samba password.
  • set_tr to /bin : a small script I use to set my alias and function when in root.
      . /home/ctaylor/.function
      . /home/ctaylor/.alias
  • Make sure apache2 will/is start(ed)
    Yast2->System->System Services(Runlevel)
    scroll down to apache3 and click on Enable
    #service apache2 status
    #service apache2 start
  • Make sure samba server starts at boot.
  • /etc/hosts file - add all your hosts
  • /etc/rc.status - my personal change
  • Install the NVIDIA driver.  - this will take care of the screen offset.
  • Re-Start the System.
Looks like I have had most of the important stuff backed up ... BUT it is still a pain!! annnnddd ... time consuming.

  Program Linux Windows Free/Cost What it does Web Site
  Flash yep yep Free Used for animated displays Flash Player
  VMware yep nope/yep Cost Excellent, Excellent Virtual VMware Worstation
  vmware-any-any  This item is special, in that which one is used, DEPENDS on the version of kernel you are using. For SuSE 10.3 we need vmware-any-any-update113.
But for SuSE 11.1 we need vmware-update-2.6.27-5.5.7-2
-or- whatever kernel, Kang, may have fixes for that you need --
and Petr Vandrovec's -- vmwaredsp-1.3
Special Note:  A lot of my comments/code fixes concerning VMware were for VMware version 5.5.9.  Finally, I have purchased the UpGrade to Version 7.0, so things are different now.
  RealPlayer yep yep Free/Cost Media Player Real.com
  MPlayer yep nope Free Media Player Available via YAST(may need packman repo also)
  QuickTime Player nope yep Free Media Player Apple
  nedit yep nope Free Excellent Text Editor Nedit Org
  GTEdit nope yep Free Excellent Text Editor GTE Text Editor
  Microsoft Office nope yep Cost office suite of interrelated desktop applications Microsoft
  Open Office yep nope/yep Free The Free and Open Productivity Suite OpenOffice Org
  WinZip80 nope yep Free/Cost Excellent Un-Zipper WinZip12
  BlueFish yep nope Free A fine HTML editor Bluefish Home
  QPS yep nope Free Excellent Visual Process Manager Self Installing version
  Sound yep yep Free Have to manually activate it, in this version of Linux, on this System. HP 7480 Sound
Sound In Liunx