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My Experiences with this piece of Equipment.


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I liked this Template so I decided to use it for this WebPage. Just for something different. Anyway, these are my experiences at setting up and using this USCutter Vinyl Cutter. I must recognize my cousin Mike Hendrix. He is the one that provided me with this instrument. FREE!! Due to his own physical and other problems he could no longer continue with this. He also needed space, which I am also finding can be a problem. Finding the space!! The stand is 3 feet high and the cutter is 3 feet wide. Actually, both are a little less... but amounts to the same. You need at least that much room to set it up.


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This area we hope will be simple. Well, for starters, there doesn't seem to be a Linux version available. So, we are gona have to use Windows. BUT our original WinXP is NO longer supported by MicroSoft -and- Win7 isn't far behind in lack of support. But, it is at present so we will probably setup this cutter with our Laptop which is Win7.

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