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This is 'our' analysis of this Malware Prevention system. We have a couple of clients that are not happy with all our 'Free' stuff. It works -but- they have to do operations that they don't want to do. Some of those, "I just want to use it!". So, the Anti-Malware is supposed to also be automatic and invisible to them.

 February 13th, 2014  Today we are going to install this on our LapTop in order to test -and- later we will be installing it on our Customer's machine. This is the 30 day 'Trial' version and IF it makes it for the 30 days we will then have our Customer Purchase a copy. IF we get the 'same', or relatively the same, complaints from them ... then we will just stick with what we got, -or- worst case, send them off to someone else!!

  Vipre Install - and test.

Ok now, here it is the middle of the night -or- very early in the morning, depends on how you look at it. Anyway, we are installing the Vipre on our LapTop. We already had the following installed:

  1. avast! : Installed -but- disabled permanently. Now then, this was one of the options in the avast! controller. However, when we look in the 'Task Manager' it says avast! is running. -But- then again, when we check the 'icon' on the Task Bar it has a Red Circle with an 'x', meaning that it is NOT running. Well, we will try it this way -and- IF there are any problems we will uninstall avast!.
  2. SpyBot : Installed -but- stopped. Vipre complained about it anyway.
  3. Windows Defender : Installed -but- stopped. Vipre complained about it anyway.

Ok, with Vipre installed and the others were stopped -- we lost our Network -- that we had so diligently setup!! The LapTop was isolated!! We were "supposed to be asked" IF we trust our Network -and- we did NOT get asked. So, we looked. A Vipre icon was placed on our Desktop and on the Task Bar. Either one can be used to get to the Vipre Control Panel. Inside it are selections. We found that the one we want at the moment is, the Firewall->View Settings. Now inside this we click on 'Exceptions'. The first is 'Applications'. In the list of apps you will find 'svchost.exe' fully blocked. We edited it and selected 'Allow' for 'Trusted In' and 'Trusted Out'. Next we clicked on the 'Network' Tab. In there we changed 'IGMP' to allow 'Trusted In' and 'Trusted Out'.

Allllllrighty now... a test of the Network. We have setup a program from Jens Heidrich called JFileSync, version 2.2...2007/07/20. With it we are able to "Synchronize" our Web Pages between our Windows Laptop and our Linux Desktop. We are executing it at the moment and it is in the Comparison Stage. The next test will be to see IF we can still get the files on the Laptop UpDated from the Desktop.

 February 13th, 2014/11:25am  Ok. Hot Dog!! It copied over the changed files. So, we have our Network back... and working.