Database Discussions

   Not really much of a discussion yet. Mainly, just a central jump point to my other database pages. The talk, at least from me, is in the other files referenced in the sidebar. My 'implementaion' of MySql is for my own Customer Database which is in TR_Private. Don't think that my customers would want their information spread all over the Internet. However, you can find the code and documentation in the Products section of this site. I'm not proud enough of it yet to charge, so it is Free. All I ask is that you send me any neat changes so that I might incorporate them in the code I have.

Oracle or MySQL??

   One of the factors in choosing database software is where it will be used. If you are planning on using it on the Web, then MySQL is a good choice. Why? Cause there are a lot of sites that are using it already. So, you will be able to set up a home page on one of those that will provide you with the base software needed. One like HostRocket.

   On the other hand, Oracle is also heavy into the Internet. I'm not sure how many sites offer it since it is propritary and costs money. Whereas, MySQL is Open Source, GPL free. (You may come up with your own definitions of free.) For a company intranet, Oracle is great. Choice be yours and your management.

Using a DB

   Now here comes the biggie. What are you going to use it for?


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