Credits and References

    On this page and others I plan to give credit to everyone for anything that I have borrowed, used or stolen from their site, book or tutorial. If by some chance you see something here that you feel you should get credit for, please send an e-mail and I will get your name credited ... here.

Credits ... - My "Original" Web Site was created using the fine Templates from these folks.

designs by dcarter - My first discoveries of Templates the second time around were these.

Free CSS Templates - And these were my second discoveries, on the second time around.

Cari D. Burstein - For the Any Browser Campaign. Rah, Rah, Yeah!!

Dave Becker - I liked the format of Dave's resume. Mine is modeled after it.

Owen Briggs - Excellent write-ups on Web development.

Paul McFedries - Idiot's Guide to creating a Web Page. Good Book.

Bob Hartzell - KoolMoves. Another, possibly easier or better, way to create Flash Pages.

Nick Bradbury:(HomeSite's creator) - Homesite has been retired by others -BUT- I still use it.(Dec 2009)
HomeSite development ended effective May 26, 2009

Epoch - DHTML JavaScript Calendar This is an excellent calendar with a few different styles.

... and References ...

|--- HTML Refs ---|

Meta Tags - How to use and Information.

The Spot - An excellent 'Spot' for Web Site Builders to visit.

HTML 4.01 - Specifications for HTML 4.01

HTML Reference - A nicely laid out HTML information site. Also has CSS.

HTML Tags - A list of all the tags with links to explanations.

Letter and Color charts - Self explanatory.

Web Pages - Page Kits and tutorials and Info.

WestCiv: Style and Layout Masters - Cascading Style Sheet Editor.

TopStyle - A good Cascading Style Sheet Editor. Free and Pay versions.

5sec Studio - This site has some free Flash templates and will create sites for a fee.

R7 Designer - Changing Skin colors on the fly.


|--- JavaScript Refs ---|

Skin Script - Credit for creating the JavaScript for the Skin Changes.


|--- CSS AQdvanced Refs ---|

Advanced CSS - Creating a WebSite without the use of tables.

CSS Style Sheet - While looking for ideas I found these by John W. Shipman located at New Mexico Tech.


|--- PHP Refs ---|

Peter L. Kantor - Peter is a Professor at Hudson Valley Community College. He has some excellent info on his pages.

|--- Graphics Refs ---|

Propellerhead Graphics - Clip Art and some Flash with tutorials for KoolMoves.

PHP Intermediate Tutorial - Writing PHP Classes by Example. HTML table building class for dynamic tables.

|--- Linux Refs ---|

SuSE Linux - The Linux that I chose. It is a fine implementation.

Samba Org - Samba is the interface between Linux and Windows.

VMware Virtual Machines - Operate 2 or more Operating Systems at once!

|--- Virus Refs ---|

Viruses and Security - Refs and info on Viruses

|--- Network Refs ---|

Madge / Olicom - Info on the token ring setup. Good Luck!!

FAQ for pptp - Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

IPChains How-To - Firewalling Chains. How to set them up.

IP Masquerade HOW-TO - A form of Network Address Translation (NAT)

|--- DataBase Refs ---|

Oracle Main Site - Obviously "the place" for Oracle information.

MySQL Main Site - This one is also obvious.

|--- Miscellaneous Refs ---|

Time - Some of the time functions came from Tom Harrison

Avoid Email spam - Display your Email address but hide it from robots.

Planet Micro - Whilst searching for info on my new Sony LCD, this site came up #1 in the list. They had good information and I liked the layout of their site. Their CSS file is also excellent. Straight and to the point. It can be found at I am using a couple of lines from it and various ideas.


... and The Free Stuff

JavaScript - The JavaScript Source

Free ClipArt -

SpyHunter - anit-spyware tools, resources and free downloads.

Fresh Devices - Fresh and Free Utilities - Windows oriented.

Free Gifs and BackGrounds - We aim to provide the best free animated gifs that are available on the web.



   Sams Teach Yourself Samba - Gerald Cater/Richard Sharpe
   SuSE Linux Manuals
   Oracle8i for Linux Starter Kit - Steve Bobrowski
   Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache - Julie C. Meloni
   PHP: Your Visual Blueprint for Creating Open Source, server side content. - Paul Whitehead/Joel Desamero


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