From MozillaZine:
I don't know if this is relational in SuSE but the properties feature is missing in some of the Linux Firefox updates. I restored them using the add-on "Replace Firefox Properties". It may have some effect and may be worth a try. It restored the read ability of a right click on an image. Element Properties
From Me: (Nov 2010)Can't Save Images -or- Pages:   Unable to save Images

This seems to be a new problem with Firefox version 3.6. It has been a problem for a while, and I am just now mentioning it. Primarily cause I am trying to find a fix that lasts.
    Ok, Web searches found that openSuSE Branding 'may be' the problem. I had that thought in the back of my mind. Ever since we have switched to version 11.x and always use KDE4 with no option to use KDE3.5 we have had problems. Perhaps a better definition would be Growing Pains. So, I have removed the openSuSE version of Firefox and replaced it with the one from Mozilla. Now I must reload the plugins. That is gona be some effort.

     Prior to the above "fix", a temporary fix involved reseting, clearing, removing or redefining your download information. Please refer to: Mozillazine for further info.

    downloads.rdf -or- downloads.sqlite and/or localstore.rdf

Rename these files by placing an 'x' at the beginning of their names and let new ones be created. (Or just remove them.) For Linux, these files are found in your 'home' directory under the hidden:
     ~/.mozilla/firefox/SOME_RANDOMname directory.
For Windows it can be found under:
   C:\Documents and Settings\
     USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\RANDOM-name-dir\

Note:  The RANDOM name in both is something like: 58q4a57u.default

21 Dec 2010  Firefox version 3.6.13 became available thru YAST so I decided to dump the 'alone' one and install the SuSE specific one. We'll see if a fix is in it for the proper saving of images and WebPages. Hopefully I'll find out before I 'loose' something that I want to save.

Plugins help your browser perform specific functions like viewing special graphic formats or playing multimedia files. Plugins are slightly different from extensions, which modify or add to existing functionality. Add-ons   -or- Plug-ins    The Add-ons
Extentions    Difference Between

Firefox Notes: (12 Dec 2005)

    The change-over from Netscape to Firefox/Thunderbird is not a totally clean one. I have had some problems, course it is like a lot of the other software that I am using lately... in developement. Part of the reasons for the "difficulties" is/was changes in locations.
Note:  Now notice the date. Some of these comments only apply to that time and some are still valid. Please understand that, I/we are working with multiple systems and sometimes we get confused as to which one is which, and did I/we do that already -or- was it on the other system.?.? This latest comment was brought out via reading my e-mail. As noted in my Starting Over WebPage I had to re-load a lot of stuff after my BIG Crash. One of the items was/is Plugins for Firefox. I couldn't view an mpv video which led to investigation, which led to this note, which led to more things that weren't installed which led to ... I think you get the idea. That's why I/we never seem to get anything done sometimes.

    One of the items of concern is Flash. I placed a neat Flash Graphic on my front page that has some clickable points in it to get to other pages. Unfortunately, this does not work in the latest installment of Firefox. Not sure who the cluprit is but I will investigate and place the results here. ... ...

    Later: Ok. I found the problem. The following message appeared at the top of my Firefox window:
    "Firefox prevented this site from opening a popup window."
Hmmmmmm... looks like the little helpers have gone to far again. Blocking windows from my own site! Guess I'll have to give myself permission to bring up my other windows. In fact, there is a preferences button at the end of the message. First item in the preferences list is:
   "Allow popups for"
Naturally I am going to allow my site.!.
   "Also on dusty-tr.trcomputing - my own PC!!" Hmmmmm....

HP Smart Print  From: HP Forums
smart web printing add-on and new versions of Firefox
11-05-2010 01:45 PM

Having a problem with HP smart web printing add-on with recent versions of Firefox (3.6.12 today)?
This is  the   a way to go around it.

Locate the "C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\smart web printing " folder. In it there should be a mozilla add-on folder(MozillaAddOn3). Click on it. Open the "install.rdf" file with notepad.
(Or at least an Editor that will not format it.) In it you will find:
   <!-- Firefox -->

Change the content of the <em:maxVersion> tag from 3.5.*.* to 3.6.*.* (or later version). For example you will have <em:maxVersion>3.6.*.*</em:maxVersion>. Save "install.rdf".

Then select all the files, folders in the mozilla addon folder (chrome, components, default,plugins, xre, chrome.manifest, and install.rdf) and zip them. Any name will do (my_hpwebprinting, for example). Once zipped, change its extension (zip) into xpi.

Then just slide this file (my_hpwebprinting.xpi) on the firefox icon. Wait until a firefox page opens and drop the xpi file on it.

You will then be able to use hp smart web printing with FF after restarting it.
Jacques D.

    Well, the above sounds good -but- it did not work ... for me.


Adobe Acrobat:

    /usr/local/Adobe/Acrobat7.0/bin must be added to the PATH var in order to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader while using Netscape 7.2 and Firefox 1.5 in SuSE Linux 10.1 alpha-3.


Thunderbird Notes:

 January 20th, 2012 / 11:21am - Windows 7  Thought that we had placed info in reguards to this on our WebPages already. -But- we can not find it. What? Location of the Mail for Thunderbird in Windows 7. Anyway, the following is the path to follow:

Ok now, what we did...
  1. Installed Thunderbird on openSuSE 12.2 on the Desktop.
  2. Created the 3 'Accounts' in Thunderbird
  3. On the Laptop, Win7, we copied the Thunderbird Mail Folder over to our USB Flash Drive.
  4. Unmounted and Removed the Flash Drive from the Laptop and inserted it in the Desktop.
  5. Copied the Mail Folder on the Desktop to Mail.sav
  6. Copied the Mail Folder on the Flash Drive over to the Desktop... over-writing what was there.
  7. Fired up Thunderbird and all the Mail and folders were there.
  8. Success... Done.

 Somewhere between December 2005 and January 2013  

    The last implementaion of this mail code didn't let me setup individual mailboxes in my email account. It didn't properly copy over my Netscape account and when I tried to create the separate accounts, it didn't work. So I dumped it. Now with this new version it copied over my Netscape settings and so far looks to be ok.

    All of a sudden I can not click on a link inside Thunderbird and get it to call up Firefox to display the link. This is with the latest installation. Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5. Could be but I certainly hope not, that it is cause I don't place them in /usr/bin. I put them in /opt/firefox and /opt/thunderbird.They won't talk to each other.

    Allllrighty... All you have to do is know what you are doing. Which I don't most of the time. Found this little gem on the net:
In your Thunderbird profile there is a file called prefs.js add these lines:

user_pref("", "/usr/bin/firefox");
user_pref("", "/usr/bin/firefox");
user_pref("", "/usr/bin/firefox");

Now then, where is the profile??? In SuSE Linux it can be found in your "home dir" under the hidden directory called ".thunderbird". In this dir is the pref.js file. You will possibly have to change the path to firefox ... or not.
The important part of the above blurb came from Frank in a conversation at: MEPISlovers Forums


 T-Bird Initial Setup  Allllrightyeee now... We had some difficulties setting up a customer's Thunderbird. I actually had this myself and fixed it in an unorthodox way. I installed version 2.x and then updated to version 3.x. Well, there is another way. What am I talking about??? IMAP vs POP. It seems that Mozilla has decide that IMAP is better ... possibly at the request of customers... and it is the default. But anyway, IF you want to use POP you have to "play some games" with the install. I found this on the Internet at Mozilla Messaging.

Made some changes and enhancements, but the ideas came from the site mentioned above. Read this over so you understand -BEFORE- you start it. When I setup my newest account(s) in the newest 11.4, I will have more info about an initial install. Till then, wing it. Transpose the actions here for an already installed T-bird to one that is just being installed.... you can do it.

  1. IF you have already installed T-Bird, click on 'Local Folders'
  2. Now click one 'Create a new account'
  3. Fill in the blanks (your e-mail information) for the 'Mail Account Setup'
  4. Click on 'Continue' ... and get ready!!
  5. Stop!!(Stop is on the Right side.) the automatic scan (Setup)
  6. Change Incoming to Pop on Port 110
  7. SMTP on Port 25
  8. Security - none on both... change it later, if you need it.
  9. Finalize and Create the account ... you will see an option to do some 'Manual Setup'.
  10. Now that it is created you can manage it like always.


 Useful Video Plugin Info

    Borrowed/Stolen from Linux Forums

Xine (and therefore GXine) will play .ASF. look below to see what xine can play (info from

* File formats (System layer / media types)
o direct DVD playback (of unlocked/unencrypted DVDs, see below)
o Video CD
o Audio CD
o mpeg program streams (.mpg, .mpeg)
o mpeg transport streams (.ts)
o ogg (.ogg, .ogm)
o avi (.avi)
o asf (.asf, .wmv, .wma)
o quicktime (.mov, .mp4)
o mpeg-video (.mpv, .m2v)
o mpeg-audio (.mp2, .mp3)
o Sega Saturn FILM (.cpk)
o Id Software RoQ (.roq)
o wav (.wav)
o Autodesk FLIC (.fli)
o real (.rm, .ra, .ram)
o raw dv (.dv)
o network graphics format (.png, .mng)
o Creative Voice (.voc)
o Sun/NeXT SND/AU (.snd, .au)
o Wing Commander III (.mve)
o Westwood Studios files (.vqa, .aud)
o Electronic Arts WVE (.wve)
o AIFF (.aif, .aiff)
o YUV4MPEG2 (.y4m)
o SMJPEG (.mjpg)
o raw AC3 (.ac3)
o Dialogic VOX (.vox)
o TechnoTrend PVA (.pva)
o Playstation STR (.str)
o Nullsoft Video (.nsv)
o 4X Technologies (.4xm)

* Audio codecs
o mpeg audio (layer 1,2,3)
o a/52 (aka ac3, dolby digital)
o aac (used in .mp4 files)
o dts (via external decoder)
o vorbis
o pcm
o adpcm (MS/IMA/DVI/Dialogic)
o mu-law and A-law
o roq dpcm
o Real Media dnet audio
o Real Media 28.8 audio
o DivX audio (WMA)
o GSM 6.10
o NSF (NES sound format)
o Speex
via external binary/win32 codecs (not included in xine):
o Intel Music Coder
o Voxware Metasound
o Real Media Sipro/Cook/dnet
o QDesign Music 1/2 (QDM1/QDM2)
currently unsupported/untested Formats:
o some formats frequently found in quicktime streams (Qualcomm Pure Voice...)

* Video codecs
o mpeg 1/2
o mpeg 4 (aka OpenDivX)
o ms mpeg 4
o divx 3/4/5
o windows media video 7
o motion jpeg
o Cinepak
o DV
o ms video 1 (msvc)
o ms rle
o Sorenson SVQ1/SVQ3 (often used in Quicktime trailers)
o creative yuv (cyuv)
o roq video
o theora
via external binary/win32 codecs (not included in xine):
o Indeo 3.1-5.0
o Window Media Video 8,9
o On2 VP3.1
o I263
o Real Media 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
currently unsupported/untested Formats:
o 3ivx
o h263 (aka Real Video 1.0)

Supported network (Webcasting/Streaming) protocols

* MMS (Microsoft Media)
* PNM (Real Media)
* RTSP (Real Media and others)
* raw TCP socket streaming (tcp://-style mrls)

via external binary/win32 codecs (not included in xine):

* Indeo 3.1-5.0
* Window Media Video 8,9
* On2 VP3.1
* I263
* Real Media 2.0, 3.0, 4.0




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