Fonts - (from Netscape 6 Release Notes)

Many Linux systems (in particular, Redhat systems) have bad Arial fonts. If many web pages, especially those using the Arial font, look unclear, small, or hard to read, the following links explain two ways you can change your font server to get better Arial fonts:

If that doesn't work, you may be able to fix the problem by renaming or removing /usr/share/fonts/ISO8859-2. For instance, do this: mv /usr/share/fonts/ISO8859-2 /usr/share/fonts.ISO8859-2

and then log out of Linux and log back in again. You can always undo this, if necessary, with the command: mv /usr/share/fonts.ISO8859-2 /usr/share/fonts/ISO8859-2

KoolMoves creates Flash type Animations. Unfortunately, the background can only be made transparent in Internet Explorer. In order to have transparent backgounds for these same animations in Netscape we must convert them to Gifs. Now this brings about some other problems. One is the white crud around the image. So the first step is to make the background color close to the color of the page that you will be placing this image on.
What I did:
KoolMoves: Used to create my text animation. This has the letters floating in to spell my company name. TRComputing. In the piece of HTML code that shows the movie, one of the parameters specifies that the background be transparent. The actual canvas in KoolMoves was white. However, I set it to a dark blue color that was close to the color of my Web page and then used KoolMoves "Capture Movie Frames" to save the animation. Now you have a couple of choices here. You can save just the current frame, all key frames or all key frames and the tweens. I have done both of the last two. The last one can be quite large. In my instance I had 86 key frames. This translated into 596 frames with all the tweens. Now then, you only have 3 choices on the graphic format these frames can be saved in. So take care on what you do here. I saved them as jpeg's
Paint Shop Pro: Used to convert the jpeg frames from KoolMoves into gif's. PSP has a batch mode so you can do all of them at once. Unfortunately, it does not have a batch mode for converting the background to transparent. And combining all the gifs into an animated file is tricky. I could not select them all at once. I got the first 308 frames and let it process. Then I inserted the next 50, then the next 50 and so on till I got all 596 frames in my gif. This was/is not fast.
Gif Construction Set: This was used to set the background in all the frames to transparent.
   EJ Creations
   Paint Shop Pro
   Gif Construction Set

Well, that wasn't what I really did. I had to do the following:

How do I make the background of an animated GIF transparent?


This explains how to create or modify animations so the background is not seen.


To make the background of an animated gif file transparent, follow these steps:

Note: This requires the current animation's background to be a single color.
      And as close to the background color as possible. 1. Open the animation in Animation Shop 2. Choose Animation > Animation Properties 3. On the Animation Properties dialog switch mark the button next to Transparent 4. Your animation may update this change instantly, if it does you will see a checkerboard effect wherever transparency is on the image. If you see the transparency, skip to step 8. If not, proceed to step 5. 5. If you don't see the transparency, select the Flood Fill tool 6. On the Style bar, you will see an option to fill "To Canvas Color," mark this option 7. Left click the background of each animation frame. Now you'll see a checkerboard effect on the background. 8. Save this file as a .gif