This is a list of the Apps included on the HTC ReZound. We grabbed this from: XDA-Developers

Default Comprehensive Rezound apk List [Updated: 4/25/2012]

While setting out to clean up my ROM install, I was curious how small I could make it. I usually delete a ton of these after install, but that's getting old. So I wanted to see out of the 400 apks that come on the phone, how many could I axe? Between my experience in uninstalling these, and googling around, and realizing that for some reason a huge chunk of these cannot be found via googling... I decided to make to this list.

If you can identify any of the blue ones, or confirm whether some of those with unconfirmed status can safely be axed or not...I'd appreciate it.

You really should remove this
Confirmed Safe to Delete
Safe to delete so long as other apps/services that use it also are
Unsafe to remove
Unidentified AppsIdentified Apps (unconfirmed delete status)
Hopefully, other curious folks such as myself find this useful.

As is always the case, while I am not out to lie to you, I am not responsible for your removal of any of these apps from your phone. If it causes you to need to restore from backup, or re-install a ROM, that is tragic, but your responsibility. If you do find due to an update or another app you install/use you should not have deleted one... please let me know, and I will update this list accordingly.