Luxmo Brown Marble Horizontal Leather Carrying Case

Posted on March 6th, 2014 by TRComputing

Well, it was actually March 3rd, 2014 that I placed this case on my phone.

Top View.
Open View.
Back View.

•Luxmo Brown Marble Horizontal Leather Carrying Case
•Compatible with HTC Rezound
•High-quality leatherette with reinforced stitching and sealed seams
•Interior lined with soft neoprene fabric
•Protects against minor bumps and shocks
•Magnetic flap closure system
•Fixed belt clip/loop
•Pouch Size: 5.43 (W) x 2.87 (H) x 0.71 (D) in.
•Color: Brown Marble

The following referral is not where we got our original case... but then none of the places that sell stuff for our 3 ½ year old phone are the original anymore. Only thing original is Verizon.
-And- we blew it on the re-order. Only partially our fault. The picture looked the same -but- I missed the dimensions. Another time I got in a hurry. Then I called them and complained and they are sending another. However, once again I did not look... and I do believe that I am getting the wrong one again. This special savings is actually going to cost me more. I'm gona have to purchase the correct one... again and ship the wrong ones back.
Yep, the second one was the wrong one -and- it was/is wrong according to the ad... same as the first one. It claims a width of 5.75 -but- both of these latest ones are 6.25 inches in width. The one I want is only 5.43 in width.
Refer:  Luxmo Brown Marble case  Item ID: 5275
 Luxmo Brown Marble case - Correct one   Item ID: 5224

 March 25th, 2014/11:38pm   Well, I was concerned about the Belt Clip. Like all the others it has worn. The edge is NOT protected and the sliding on to the belt wears it. Here it is only 22 days later and the edge is frazzled.

However, I like the look and feel of the case -and- the proper size fits my phone with and without the extra case. Extra case?? Yes. The original Snap On Case by HTC was what we had. Still have the snap on part that has a built in kick-stand for setting it on the table at an angle so you can see it. Also big enough for the Extended Battery, which this Luxmo case will also handle. I just like it.

 July 16th, 2015/7:56am   The belt clip finally 'wore' out. The leather covering gave out about 7 or 8 months after it started frazzling and then I finally removed it... at my wife's persistance. She claimed it looked bad. Anywho, the area behind the metal clip on the case back has worn enough that it gets caught and I have a hard time gettting it on -and- off. Gona see IF I can devise a means of protecting the belt clip leather... -but- without becoming a destruction to my belt or pants.

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