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    Hopefully you arrived here from Action Page 1 or 3, if not then some of this will not make a lot of sense. At any rate the explanation about Pages 1 and 3 is as follows:

  1. I want to show my Company Name and an Eagle Soaring in.
  2. Company name building is via a KoolMoves Flash I created.
  3. The Eagle is a gif animation created via Paint Shop Pro Animation.
  4. Netscape and Mozilla, in Linux, do not handle the transparent backgrounds for Flash properly. They evidently don't understand wmode. However, I have seen the newer versions in Windows work correctly.
  5. Windows Internet Explorer does handle the transparent BG of Flash correctly.

    Since it will probably be a long time before there is any resolution to the above problem... I have swapped page 1 and three. If you click on action pages from my HomePage then you should get a proper display no matter what Browser you are using. Well, proper in the respect that the Company Name background will be transparent... I hope. If this whole thing seems or looks confusing ... that's cause it is.

    So, I guess you have to be careful on how you create your graphics. If your intended audience is everyone then make sure they can see your fancies... properly.

    The next page, Action Page 3, is an attempt to accomplish this. I created a gif animation of the Company name building and also changed the code. If Netscape is detected then it will show the animated gif. Otherwise it will show the Flash. Course I am expecting the other to be IE. More work on all this needs to be done.

    The Company name animation, on the next page, was created from a conversion/translation of the Flash to a gif. The letters are not clean. Can't remember what the problem was. But they are good enough for illustration at this time.

    If you look at the source code for both page 1 and page 3 you will see that Absolute positioning was used in order to get the images where I wanted them... and overlapping.

KoolMoves Note:

    The conversion from Flash to Gif was accomplished via KoolMoves and Paint Shop Pro. At the time I did this, in the beginning I had a special blue background. Trying to get my Company Name background in the Flash to match was a problem. At anyrate, I believe that the ruff edges came from my first attempts in this effort. The reason I am making any note of this at all is; whilst browsing the Web I ran across some conversation about having your site set up to handle viewers with or without Flash. This person wanted to have his images in both Flash and Gif.

    This is my way and possibly the reason, or one of them, that Bob included this feature in his KoolMoves program. One of the items in the File Menu is "Export Movie". In this there are other selections and one of them is, "As Frame Captures". Selecting Frame Captures presents a dialog box that lets you specify the format and more or less how much you want to capture. This is where you have to be careful. Both on the format and how much. One of the options is to save all your key frames with all the tweens. The Tweens are images that are added by KoolMoves to make the transitions smoother.

    I have saved with and without the tweens. Without the tweens the Gif would become quite jerky. However, with the tweens it became quite large. Answer was; save with the tweens and then use the thumbnail view in Paint Shop Pro to dump some, or alot of the tweens. This helped to make the result better. Still not as good as the KoolMoves Flash, but acceptable.

    Now then, the reason for the conversion, at least in my case, was to get the transparent background for my Company Name in both Netscape and Internet Explorer. Since I couldn't get the wmode feature to work in Netscape or Mozilla, this was my answer. The ruff edges came during the process of making the back ground transparent. Seems that the White background wasn't really White!


    Well, I wear glasses and I have the beginning of cataracts. (Good excuse??) I put vmode="transparent" instead of wmode="transparent" in the Embed line!! Arrrggg!! Since I wrote all this up, I'm going to leave it in case someone else has the same or similar problem. So if you come on these pages and the TRComputing does not have a transparent background, then you either don't have a Browser that supports it OR you don't have the latest Flash.
Oh Darn!! I am using Netscape while in Windows mode and Mozilla while in Linux mode. The transparent background works in Windows/Netscape but not in Linux/Mozilla. Yep. I got the latest too.
Also see: Transparent Background In Flash


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