Chami Notes


    This is to be my notations on using this piece of software. I started these notes in Homestite but have now changed over to Chami. I wasn't, and still ain't, ready to make the change over to a new HTML editor. In looking around I already have found a couple of items that are missing in Chami that I use heavily in Homesite. Of course I haven't loaded all the Plugins for Chami yet. So judgement needs to be reserved.
  I was drawn into this by the descriptions on the page whilst I was searching for HTML information. It was/is something new and different that what I have been using AND it appeared to be braching out into the higher aspects of WebPages and Internet sites. How-some-ever, I, like many of you who read this, am not fond of change. You know, that comfort mode you get into with a tool you have used for a long time?? Well, Homesite has been my favorite long before it became part of the Macromedia tools. Nick Bradbury is the original author of this excellent piece of software. It was taken over by Allaire and then merged in with Macromedia. I am using version 5.0 of this excellent piece of software.

Missing or Different

    Tag editing: In Homesite I can right click on an HTML tag and bring up a wizzard dialog which presents the tag properties for editing. So I can have, and do, some empty hrefs and then edit them. Like; <a href=""></a> Then I right click on href and fill in the appropriate values.


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