Printer Server Setup


    I could have sworn that I had a write-up on setting up my printer, however, I can't find anything. So, here it is. This will be whilst setting things up on SuSE Linux 9.2.

  • NetGear PS110 Print Server
  • Hewlett Packard cp1700 InkJet Printer

    A Note From: The Linux Apprentice
Suse 9.2 has the firewall turned on from the beginning. This is good...except I ran into one problem....The printer....

a. If you use a print server (we have one on our d-link router) don't attempt to install it during the initial install of Suse 9.2. The firewall will be running and it will make it hard to do the install. This is something you will want to do after you are done installing Suse Linux.

b. After you have installed SuSE, you will need to turn off the firewall, or just Close it Down a little while to set up your printer, if you use a printer server.

c. To turn off the firewall, after you are running Suse, go to the Control Center Icon > click it > scroll down to Yast 2 modules > security and users > click on fire wall > you will have to put in your password to get into root > you will get the screen telling you your firewall is on > click the box that says to disable the firewall > click okay

d. Now go back into the Control Center > Yast 2 modules > Hardware > Printers > do the password thing > and set up your printer just as you would have during the initial install of Linux.

e. When you have your printer installed and tested you can go back into YAST and turn on the Firewall, if you so desire.

I had trouble with that Firewall in my local Network setup. I could not access my other machines. I personally have it disabled... but then I am behind a hardware Firewall. Later when I have some time to waste I will investigate setting it back up.


    First thing we do is get into YAST. (You will need to know the root password in order to do this.) In YAST we will select Hardware and then Printer. You will be presented with a screen and your printer will probably NOT be listed. You will probably see 'Other' at the top of the list. We are going to configure it.

    Click on Configure and we will need to select our Printer type. In this case it will be a via a Network Print Server Box. So we will select 'Print Directly to a Network Printer'. Now then, we get to another 'Printer Type'. I find this another of the confusing terms/descriptions here in the Computer World. Printers are not listed. Their port types are. Anyway, we must select one... but which?

Note: Embarrassingly, as usual, I got the Printer setup in Win2k .. inside VMware .. before I got the printer setup in Linux. Should be the other way around... shouldn't it??? But alas, as I have said before, these VMware guys and gals have put together an excellent package. It is like having two physically different machines in front of you. I was able to use the NetGear disk to setup the Server and then use the HP disk to setup the Printer. Both of these disk are Windows oriented. Now we gota think and translate this into Linux.

The Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) provides a portable printing layer for UNIX® operating systems like BSD lp or lprng. CUPS provides some additional features. This package contains all programs needed for running a CUPS client, not a server.

# hpijs -h      Verifies that hpijs is loaded.
# gs -h      Will show if hpijs is supported.
  Look for one of these: ijs hpijs DJ630 DJ6xx DJ6xxP DJ8xx DJ9xx DJ9xxVIP AP21xx

  • Click on: Configure
  • Printer Type: Select 'Print directly to a Network Printer'
    Click on: Next
  • Printer Type: Select 'Direct TCP Port Printing'
    Click on: Next
  • Direct TCP Port Printer: Host Name - PSD55465 TCP Port Number - 4010
    Click on: 'Test remote socket access' to ensure we can access the PS110.
    Note: P1 is port 4010 and P2 is port 4020.
    Click on: Next
  • Queue name: printer Description: HP cp1700 InkJet - Do local filtering is checked.
    Can not test at this point.
    Click on: Next
  • Printer model: HP - Color Inkjet Printer cp1700
    Click on: Select PPD file.
    Select: HP Color Inkjet Printer CP1700 Foomatic/hpijs(recommended)
    Click on: 'Test printing' to see if our selections are good.
    Click on: Next
  • Summary is displayed - You have the option to test again.
    Click on: Next
  • We are back at the Printer Configuration screen.
    Click on: Finish in order to save the results.

    Part of the info I got off of the internet at Netgear PrintServer PS110 by Rob Fantini
His Web Page, however, is more concerned with RedHat. The main item I got from him was the port numbers in a sidebar on his page. Probably could have gotten it from my docs if I had thought of it. But, I was just accepting the default that was displayed in the printer setup, which was 9100 and wrong. Hopefully, this will help others that are searching to setup their PS110s.


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