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 May 5th, 2019  Updated Laptop to 1903. Had a scare at first boot. No Network!! But it eventually came in. M$ didn't mess up my Bridging in the Network this time. I have said many times that I run a "LinWin System" via VMware but now M$ is putting in WSL, a Windows Subsystem for Linux. Don't know whether that is going to help or hurt my operations. Time will tell.
Refer:  Enemies No More  

 February 7th, 2019  Well, I finally got my UpDates on Windows 10 in my VMware on my Main machine. Ver 1803 build 17134.1 In order to get this I had to go all the way back to version 1607. Then UpDate from there a couple of times. Not exactly sure how I did it but it is done. Problem is... I have to reload some of my software. I, like a lot of others was fighting "failure" after "failure" in the 1709 to 1803 UpDate... since the October timeframe. Biggest problem?? It continually UpDated my system, whether I wanted it or not, and "Broke" my Bridged Networking... even though it didn't accomplish the UpDate!! This latest accomplishment had evidentally gotten "ALL" the most recent and correct code cause my Bridging is working. Hey, hey...hey. In just over an hour it went from build 17134.1 to build 17134.523!! AND Bridged Networking is still ok.

 November 1st, 2018   Was gonna make a separate section for "UpDates" -but- as I read over this... the whole thing is UpDates already!! Matter of fact a recent announcement by Microsoft states that there will never be another "New Version" of Windows.... Just UpDates.

Speaking of which, just got a couple of UpDates on both my Laptop -and- this one in my VMware on my HP i7-2. The interesting part is the Desktop Backgrounds. On the Laptop they replaced the one I had there originally with some Windows background and on the HP i7-2 they put in the background that was originally on my Laptop!! It is called "grow.jpg" and it looks like a little kids drawing. It was the default on my Laptop when I got it and I liked it. But on the HP i7-2 it was 'never' there. Strange things happen in this computer world. I re-installed in on the Laptop and left it on the HP i7-2.

May 14th, 2018 Ok, Windows 10 gets a reprieve. I found a setup that will let me ignore the UpDates, temporarily. It is:
       How to Temporarily Prevent Updates
To run the troubleshooter, open wushowhide.diagcab, select Next, and then follow the instructions in the troubleshooter to hide the problematic driver or update.
May 19th, 2018  A little more on the problems. I was getting "hangups" or "lockups", depending on how you want to describe them. -But- what was happening was the SAME thing that happened to me back in my  SuSE 12.3   and  SuSE 13.2   days. The nmi_watchdog interrupt was causing problems and we had to disable it in grub.

   October 25th, 2013 / 12:46am     Ok, we are back at it after work. This time we are using the Win2K path. Same inside, inside bla, bla. This time the 'Lord' showed us another "fix". The 3D Accelerator was just to show us that there is hope and the problem can be fixed. This one is down in Linux... To disable the nmi_watchdog interrupt.
     cat /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog (to check if it is set)
     echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog (to disable it, if it is)
     cat /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog (to confirm the change)
Refer: Geek 2.0 and Linux NMIs on Intel 64-bit Hardware

Now then, there are some who will worry about this change. Actually, the only ones who should worry about it are the kernel developers and maintainers. IF your System is working fine, other than these "Freeze/Lockups" then there 'shouldn't be any worries. It appears that this particular NMI, the nmi_watchdog, is causing more harm than good. You could also write a script that disabled the nmi_watchdog before starting VMware and then re-enabling it after exiting VMware.

Now the proof is in the pudding. We got some false hopes over a couple of the previous fixes, which lead to sadness. This "fix" may lead to Re-activating the 3D Acceleration in VMware. -But- that needs to be tested first. BUT first we see how long this 'fix' can keep us going. So far it is a 'temporary' fix using the instructions above. Cause at next ReBoot of the System it, the nmi_watchdog, will be Re-Enabled. So, we need to make choices here...    Permanent -or- Temporary.??

We are gona be daring and make it Permanent. This accomplished by placing:
on the Command Line in the Boot Loader. The following is performed as 'root'.

  • Edit /etc/default/grub and add nmi_watchdog=0
        GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="nomodeset nmi_watchdog=0"
    We had already edited this for the nomodeset now we add the other. Update: "nomodeset" is not needed unless you have an nVidia card. And maybe not now. This was a few years back.
  • Execute:
        /usr/sbin/grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
  • Execute:
        grub2-install /dev/sda

ReBoot and enjoy....

May 12th, 2018 Well, I tried using the WYSIWYG editors and they messed up my code... one way or another. Homesite is the only one that lets me do it "My Way". DreamWeaver is starting to come in second. Quanta is leading the way in Linux. But we have a problem with the differences in the "dynamic wrap". What brought all this up was/is another Windows 10 UpDate!! I thought that I had the "Settings" set to ignore those. Well, as usual Microsoft does NOT follow the rules. They are worse than me!!
So here I am in Quanta editing this Windows 10 page cause my Windows 10 is finishing an UpDate and I can't use my Homesite!!

 March 11th, 2018  Windows 10!!! I am beginning to dislike it very much. All these UpDates are messing up my systems. Especially the Bridged Networking. I have both a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 Virtual Machine. I can get connected with my Win 7 but not with my Win 10 -- on the same machine!! Annnnddd... the latest UpDates have hosed my Laptop!! It tried several times on its own to UpDate -- and it could not so it removed the UpDates. Now I have a Desktop without the cute background and a Non-Funtioning Windows 10 orb. When I click on it, right or left click, it does nothing. Like I never touched it. Shutdowns are a nightmare. In fact my latest shutdown was done via a power off.
 Fix Configuring Windows UpDates    STOP Windows UpDates  

Now then, in order to get back to a "working" Windows 10 I had to dump my current Virtual Machine and Re-Install the back-up that I had made. With these "Virtual Machines" you can save the whole system and later Re-Install it to take care of a problem. Like the one I just had. Now after installing it I quickly turned off the UpDates -BUT- I got one anyway!! The fall Creation. Well, it didn't mess up my Networking but I turned off the UpDates.. again. Yeah I know, half, or more, of you reading this are possibly saying how stupid. And some of the others are saying that's what you did. And others are just scratching their heads. Any way you look at it I just want a working system. My "main" reason for wanting Windows anyway is Homesite. Yes, I am still using this antiquated editor and I will probably still be using it for years to come.

Bridged Networking... Make sure file sharing is turned on... AFTER the disabling of UpDates.

Windows 10... it is to be released July 29th, 2015 but you can get a working copy now... for FREE... IF you have Windows 8.1 -or- Windows 7 SP 1. Actually, that is to be the case for the next year!! I applied, and qualified for it on my Windows 7 LapTop. We installed it on the 4th of July, 2015.

 July 9th, 2016 / 9:42pm  Got Windows 10 installed on my HP i7-1. I had been delaying it cause I was afraid it would mess up my Linux in the other half. But it didn't. Guess I waited long enough and they got it all straight.

 August 9th, 2016 / 12:27am  Had tried the Aniversary Update on the 2nd and 3rd -but- did not work. Got 0x80070057 error. Could not get a proper fix for it. Some individuals played some games with the connections and other stuff to get it to work -but- I figured IF they were real then Microsoft would fix them. Looks like they did. -OR- I found a new game to play. When it got to the 2% on install I clicked on the desktop and then on the install window and bounced back and forth. It stayed on 2% for quite a while but it finally increased and is now installing.

Alllllrighty now.... we were successful... or so it seems. Said it had to restart in order to finish and that is what it is doing now. Looks like we have a success finally. Well, this restart is taking a long, long time. Ummmmmm.... I left for a minute and came back to see my Linux log on screen. Ooooppps... I have a dual boot system -and- they said the computer would restart several times. I was trying to stay by it but I got sidetracked by my wife. Missed the reboot. May be missing one now whilst I am typing this on my other machine. Two machines... one display... one keyboard. Nope, and it is up to 35% on this second ReStart. Got our 3rd restart at 75%. Hopefully your Hard Disk is in good shape cause the disk lite is on almost contiunously. 1:14am upd to 83%.
100% at 1:21am.   1:23am Sign On ... then Getting Ready.
1:26am ... Fini. However, the disk lite was on for some time afterwards. Think it was doing something, At 1:31am we are quiet.
-AND- again we have a FULL success that looks like nothing happened. I will leave that machine, the i7-1, booted up in Windows 10 for now to see how we can do. I have three(3) other machines to UpDate yet and two Virtuals. Will be interesting...

 September 23rd, 2016 /8:46pm  Well, now over the past week I have noticed some peculiarities here in Homesite... on my i7-2. This is the newest one and we are running Homesite inside Windows 10 inside VMware inside openSuSE Leap 42.1. What is peculiar is... some of my snippets have been marked 'Read Only'. The snippet symbol which is a 'page icon' with a pair of greater than and less than symbols in the lower right corner. For these 'Read Only' they have become red.   

Oh now this is interesting. A couple of hours after writing the above and getting "Linux" updates I don't have those readonly marks in my snippets. Don't know of any "Windows" updates during this same time. I just checked and, NO, we are still on 1511. I am trying to get the latest UpDate on my LapTop which is suppoed to be in the "Windows Insider". We'll see...

 September 25th, 2016  Having problems with my Laptop AFTER the latest UpDate. This is something that I found whilst looking for fixes:
Here is the official Microsoft answer about installing a new hard drive for your Windows 10 PC:
Suppose I need to reinstall Windows 10 after one or two years from now or I install a new hard disk?
Windows 10 is registered to the device, not your hard disk. Just install a new hard disk and reinstall Windows 10 and it will reactivate automatically.
Hope this helps everyone.

Because.... I think I may have to FULLY recover my Laptop!! This latest Windows 10 fiasco makes me not trust it.

 October 16th, 2016  Yep!!! I had to ReInstall Windows 7 and then ReInstall Windows 10. See notes below...

 July 14th, 2017/9:32am  Well about an hour ago I got the "Creator's UpDate". Something that Microsoft has been talking about for a few weeks. Need to investigate further just what it is -but- we accepted it. As it was installing we looked via our LapTop on the Net to see what it is. Much to our chagrin, we saw a number of complaints and failures. However, we did not experience any problems... yet.


 Windows 1 to 10  

  Windows 10 Installation - Hardware Machines

Well, there is a check program to run. It is really a check for Win 8.1 compatabilty but IF your PC will handle Win 8 it is supposed to be able to handle Win 10.

Ok... I'll let you know the results in an hour or so. I am in the process of "UpGrading" my Win 7 LapTop to Win 10 via the Update route. You have to download a prime program first and the it UpGrades you from 7 to 10 just via your "normal" Updates.

Well, we are at 75%. This last 25% was faster. It is now down and asking me for my password. Reading the write up intro. Well, they are telling me all these great and wonderful things that they are gona do for me... like it or not. At least until I can figure out how to turn stuff off!!!

Well, it appears to be installed -AND- the desktop looks the same!! Same background, same icons -but- the task bar is different. And there is a "watermark" on the right hand side that says "Windows 10 Home Insider Preview, Evaluation copy, Build 10130". Other than that I wouldn't know that anything is different. Now to see what works.

Xampp works. I run my WebPages from my Linux Desktop -or- from my LapTop. I have a sync program, which I did not write, that synchronizes my HTML code on both machines. Anywho, I fired up Xampp and then Firefox and selected the files on my LapTop and -viola- I was looking at my Web Site locally. OH, and I updated Adobe Flash Player during this ...OH yeah... forgive me ... my dementia is active. There is a program, one of the ones they mentioned during the install, that ran AFTER I did the Flash Player update. They are keeping track of what you are doing. I suspect this may piss off a lot of people. What I was also trying to say is ... I forgot the name of the prog. In the previous I was also using Firefox. Don't think the graphics are as sharp and fancy as before. Look a little flat

oh what kinda card u have for graphics could just be also how the new ui is

JFileSync 2.2 - the Java program I was talking about above, works!! It synced my HTML files between the Win 10 LapTop and the openSuSE 12.3 Linux Desktop.

The card is integrated. It is a LapTop. Probably need to get the driver updated. Can't believe that they got "all" of the latest. It looked great in Win 7. Now it reminds me of the early windows.

xp style?

pre 95 98 just flat drawings. The HTML editing program that I rave about -- works -and- I am editing files on the Linux Desktop 'from' the Win 10 LapTop... which I could do before -but- I can still do it from Win 10. So that means the Networking -- works.

Good deal

Not really.... rather boring. It ALL appears to work ... just like nothing has changed. Think a few of the operations are slower -but- need to use it a bit and make sure everything has settled in. There is that merging that needs to be done -and- some of the programs have to be "started" in order to get all the inits. This ... so far ... has been the smoothest, cleanest install of any of the Operating Systems that I have worked with. It was just an UpDate/UpGrade. MS has gotten their shit together.

im still iffy on the win10 thing, the only thing that appeals to me would be the cross platform gaming u can do with ppl that have xbox ones

Well, they themselves say don't trust it on a critical machine or your daily even. -BUT- I do also believe that warning was for the previous versions. This one is supposed to be released on July 29th --- and more or less the "final" release

CD/DVD drives

 September 3rd, 2016  Well, my wife Darlene had not used her DVD drive since she installed Windows 10. Last evening she tried to read a DVD and we couldn't even find the drive! Evidentially, Windows 10 couldn't either. Which after a Web Search I found to be a Truism.
Refer:  Missig DVD  

Now then, I am going to do my other "usual" and copy parts of the above reference so I won't loose it -and- I will have the info locally.

Most Helpful Reply

I found a solution of the problem with missing DVD.
In Device Manager I selected View->Show Hidden Devices.   DVD was shown and I uninstalled it.   After reboot the DVD was not detected, so I uninstalled all IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers:

ATA Channel 0,
ATA Channel 1,
Intel (R).... Serial ATA Storage Controller)

and after reboot the DVD was recognized and installed.

I hope this can help you with the detection of DVD of Windows 10.

 September 3rd, 2016 / 12:51pm   Just tried this on a customers machine. After the "Uninstall" of the hidden device and a Re-Boot the DVD showed up and was usable. So for this one, only needed the first part. Still need to do my wife's machine.

A Windows 10 RE-Install

 October 16th, 2016  We had one of those Windows 10 UpDate catastrophes on our Laptop. Could not recover. Had to recover by re-loading Windows 7 and then re-installing Windows 10. During this time we had a couple of "hangs". One of them was fixed thusly:

All goes fine until 'Getting Updates', when it hangs on 'checking for updates'.
Refer:  Windows 10 Setup stuck at Checking for Updates (FIX)  

Leave the Windows 10 Setup window as is and try this:

1. Go to Services (Press Windows+R. This will prompt run dialogue box. In here, type services.msc) and stop the Windows Update Service.

2. Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete all of its contents.

3. Restart the Windows Update Service.

4. Go back to the Windows 10 Setup window and you should see the process continue.

Hope this works for you!

It did work for us. However, it would behoove you to go check out the reference cause there is a lot of conversation which may, or may not, help you understand.


  Windows 10 Installation - VMware Virtual Machines

Well, I have all my "Hardware Machines" UpGraded to Windows 10. Now I would like to get my VMware Virtual Machines UpGraded before the 'Free' time runs out. Only got 15 more days. I had to purchaes VMware 12 in order to do this. Yep, we finally have to UpGrade from our VMware 10.

Well, the first thing ya gota do is remove 'VMware Tools' from the guest OS. Like my 'Main System' is Linux and I am now running VMware 12 inside it. Then inside that I am running Windows 7. Inside that Windows 7 I am running 'VMware Tools'. OK?? ok.
Refer: Upgrading to Windows 10 using Software Update

OK now... next we 'shutdown' the virtual machine. And that means stop it, kill it... NOT suspend. Just like you turned it off.

Now we going to change the Guest OS type to 'Windows 10'. This is done by clicking on 'VM' in the VMware controls along the top of the Window. In the drop down menu select 'Settings' and click on it. Inside the 'Settings' dialog click on the 'Options' tab. Change the Guest OS to Windows 10 or Windows 10x64.

Now fire up the "Virtual Machine" again.

Allllllrighty now... we are gona install 'Windows 10' via a Media Creation Tool. You sign on to: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and then download the tool. Next thing is to execute it and select your type of operation. We are selecting "Upgrade this PC". Next we choose the language, edition, and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) for Windows 10. Now we follow the steps in the tool to finish the upgrade to Windows 10.

Well, that all sounds well and good... till you do it. I had good luck on the Hardware machines and I was expecting relatively the same with the Virtual ones. -But- that does not seem to be the case. First try got all the way thru downloads and checks and then it said it was gona install and then... it checked for "Updates" again... and hung!! So I killed it and started again. There was a file in my "Downloads" named:
so I clicked on it and it downloaded Windows 10... again. It is now installing it... again. I do believe that the day -and- time of day are a strong factor in these downloads. In fact I know it from personal experience... 2-3:00am... morning sessions.

 July 16th, 2016/11:19pm  Yeah, this is later than the date that follows... but I want to say we had the "same" hangup on our second Virtual machine. It got to the UpDates and hung!! Had to kill it via the task manager and then copy over the   Windows10Upgrade9252.exe   file from i7-2 and execute it... waiting on it to finish now. All of these UpDates started cause of my new phone(the HTC M10) and it not showing the dirs when I connected it to my PC... then it just escalated.
Then we have the password changes AFTER the UpGrade:

Machine Password Type
HP Laptop: My local sign-on password
HP i7-1: Had Win8 with 'local' password. It changed to the MS Password!!
VM i7-1: Was 'local'. Changed to 'None'!!
HP i7-2: Brand new install. I changed to 'local'.
VM i7-2: This one 'was local'. Changed to 'None' -but- shows the logon screen and you must click on the 'SignOn' button. But NO password required.

 July 14th, 2016/6:17pm  Well, we got our "Welcome to Windows 10" sign-on screen. Answered a few questions and it went off to finish... at 6:23pm got a "Thank you for updating to the latest Windows 10" screen. Clicked on an "Exit" button and was presented with a Windows 10 desktop. Now it is to narrow so it did not save my settings. It is also to tall. So that is the first thing to fix. Right click on the desktop and then click on 'Display Settings' in the pop up menu. Scroll down in the resulting dialog box and click on "Advanced display settings". In the dialog box presented is a selection of 'Resolutions'. The default, apparently, was 1024x768. For my setup, I changed it to 1280x720. That presented an acceptable display. However, all the icons were lined up on the left side of the screen. I like them scattered. Got them 'arranged' and then did a 'ShutDown' just to see what happens when I bring it back up.

 VMware Tools  Well, you gota be quick on this one. You click on 'VM' in the menu bar at the top. -But- then a message comesout at the bottom right telling you to tap it in order to complete the operation. Actually, in order to start it. IF you don't then you will have to ShutDown the Virtual Machine and try again.

 The Names  Now then, we have an 'UpGrade' to Windows 10 -but- the 'Title Bar' and the VMware directory say 'Windows 7'. However, the desktop background is definately Windows 10.


  Other Installs of Windows 10

Well now, since July of 2015, we have been playing with Windows 10. Not as extensively as Microsoft would have liked -but- we started with the 1st edition... on our LapTop. Later my wife, Darlene, installed it on her Desktop... AFTER Quicken made a version that worked on Windows 10. We are both happy with the performance.

Also during this time period we installed Windows 10 on three other computers. One was/is my newest HP i7 and the other two belonged to customers... both were LapTops. The first had problems cause it had/has a Touch Screen -BUT- they even had problems with Windows 8 because of the Touch Screen. In fact that is how I came to be working on it and I just offered to UpDate/UpGrade it to Windows 10. Didn't realize that it was gona be such a challenge. -But- persistence pays off and we got it working. Oh, and just as a side note, this was/is an HP LapTop, my favorite company.

And then we have the second customer's LapTop. Another HP! This one gave me fits. Definitely NOT one of the smoothest operations in the world. When I clicked on the Window Icon it would come up and offer a sceduled download time -or- I could do it now. Each time I would select 'now' and then it would say "Starting Download" and stay there FOREVER! I searched the Web and found that others were having the same problem. 'Fixes' were presented but most of them did not apply to my machine -or- just plain didn't work. What finally worked was... schedule it to do it on its own at a later time. None of the times were for the same day. Always had to be the next day, starting at MidNight. So I chose MidNight of April 12th. In the morning I unblanked the screen and it was saying that the download would start in 14 minutes!! What?? It was supposed to happen at MidNight! There was also a clickable area that said start now... so I clicked it. Guess what?? I got the "Starting Download" again and it stayed there! So I closed the window again -but- this time I saw an "UpDating Icon" in the task bar. I accepted its offer to click on it to see what was downloading -AND- lo and behold... it said Windows 10 was downloading!!! I left it and walked Dakotah around the block.

Upon return from the walk we checked the LapTop and it said it was ready to install Windows 10. It was again offering a schedule or now -and- we chose now... which is what it is doing at the moment. So to anyone reading this, "Scheduling" seems to be the answer... or at least in this case. IF you are having troubles... -and- nothing else seems to fix it... give Scheduling a try.


  UpDate/Install via USB - WoeUSB in Linux

My son, Christopher in Phoenix, in a moment of anger, slammed his fist down on his laptop and it quit working properly. Seems to have an HDD problem. Imagine that. Anyway, it could NOT be fixed via the Resets and Restores in the normal. It almost worked -but- not quite.

Well, after trying various things and even creating a dual boot with my openSuSE Linux, I was at my wits end. I tried using my USB Recovery -but- it would not work. So, I found this WoeUSB soulution on the Net.
         Create a Bootable Windows 10 via Linux    openSuSE WoeUSB  
And I had forgotten how to add a program to my Menu so thanks to:  Venzkep   out on the forums I got reminded.

Well, this did NOT work. Could never get it past the proper format... no matter what I did.


  Windows 10 usage

Well, Microsoft won't really appreciate us. Haven't used this version all that much. Mainly cause... we don't use the LapTop that much. Hopefully, as soon as I get some things straightened out, my new Puppy and my Smartphone, I will get more time on it.
 April 16th, 2016 /5:26am  I got thrown into more usage with my newest HP 17-2. It was/is another Re-Furbished machine and it came with Windows 8. However, it was factory Re-Furbished and it started up just like new. AFTER things got all setup with Windows 8,   a screen popped up and asked   IF   I would like to install   Windows 10 now or later?? I thought about it and decided, what the heck, I was originally looking for a Windows 10 machine anyway, so why not. I now have Windows 10 running on my LapTop -and- my newest HP i7-2. I will be installing Windows 10 on HP i7-1 as soon as I get the newest one fully up and running.
( I refer to my machines as i7-1 and i7-2.)

I am somewhat using it with these WebPages. I sync the pages, or files, between my P4 Linux Desktop(Dusty-tr2) and this i3 Win10 LapTop(TRDM4). Then I edit on both... and re-sync. Not the same file(s) at the same time, of course, UNLESS by accident, which has happened a couple of times. -But- the sync program will detect it and stop you from overwriting the changes ... UNLESS you desire it.

 April 16th, 2016 /5:49am -- A Re-Sync  Refer:  DesignPage9  

I'm thinking that I like this Windows 10 like I liked Vista and Win7. Yes Vista. It had some good graphics. Win7 had/has good performance. Win10 has some good background graphics for the 'at rest' screens -but- the 'normal' Windows 10 destop leaves a lot to be desired. Now this is probably cause I have not made any changes to the default and brought in another version. But I didn't change Win7 either and its Desktop looked better than this one.

 November 14th, 2015  Well, I've had my first problem(s) with this Windows 10. I clicked on the "Start Menu" and got nothing. I finally did a 'Ctl Alt Del' and got logged out/off. Upon restarting I got the following:
CRITICAL ERROR - Start Menu and CORTANA aren't working. W'll try to fix it the next time you sign in. SIGN OUT NOW
Well, they didn't fix it on the next boot. After reading the messages on this:  Windows 10 Forum   I was able to get it working. The message that talks about "Holding down the Shift Key" seemed to be the biggest help. I did not log what I was doing in order to get it back working ... I just did as usual... Tried things and did things till it worked!!   I -DID NOT- have to Re-Load it.   I -DID NOT- have to remove Avast. However, whilst I was messing around with the 'Shift Key' scenarios, I got some UpDates. Again... I missed just what was getting UpDated. But Avast 'must' have been one of them cause in the "Settings About Avast" it lists its Release Date as today, 11/14/2015.   We are back to 'normal'... I think.

 April 16, 2016 /4:44am  Found some references on the Web that looked extremely interesting.


  Windows 10 & Quicken

I am making this a separate usage section becuase... I don't use Quicken, but my wife does... and I am the maintainer of her system.

On this day I asked my wife IF she would like to move up to Windows 10. Her reply, "Will it work with Quicken Home & Business 2014?" So I searched the net with that question and came across the following:
     Quicken Home & Business 2014 + Windows 10 = nothing  
which was posted 8 days ago as of this date; August 23rd, 2015. It, essentially said "No!". However, they are working on a 2016 version that will. Therefore, my wife will not UpGrade to Win10 until there is a Quicken that will work on it. I find it interesting that my  Homesite   HTML editor(support discontinued May, 2009) works on Windows 10 ... unmodified.
Later(Aug 10, 2016): Well, I bragged to soon maybe, however, it did work ok for almost a year. I started having this problem on my Laptop, which was the first machine that I UpGraded to Windows 10. What problem?? Everytime I brought up Homesite it would ask for all the registration information!! Somehow it didn't get saved. For a while this was only on my Laptop. Today it started happening on my Desktop. Sooooo... I did my usual and searched the Web for an answer. Found one on  Adobe Forums !!
"Another way to fix this - I've upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Run as administrator, enter license info, then it all seems to work OK even when run normally. I guess some Windows 10 security is stopping Homesite from writing something soemwhere"



IOGEAR GUB 211. This little jewel is used to share a printer between two systems. I am using it to share between my Wife's Windows machine and my Linus machine. I created a  WebPage   on it that covers mostly the Linux portion cause that is what I needed to research on mostly when I got it. Now with my Wife's crash and restore I need to remember how to do it on both.!!

First thing you need to do is to install the printer drivers for the printer that you are going to use. On both computers.



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