Tutoring or Repair


    Since my place of residence is the Valley of the Sun, my services will be limited to that area. Neither of us could afford the travel expenses to anywhere else. Of course, if you can, I will be willing to make the trip.

PC Tutoring

    Tutoring is primarily for beginners. Now beginners come in all categories. You may have had the PC for a couple of years and still don't know how to do some things on it you would like to do. The Tutoring will be performed in the comfort of your home on your computer. That way you will have your computer set up the way you want it and you will be using the programs or software that is particular to your machine. You won't have to go to some strange place, with a lot of strange people, working on a strange computer, and then come home to try and translate it to your machine.

   Computer Fundamentals
   Internet Fundamentals
   Word Processing
   Custom Classes for your particular software

    Subjects would include: General Operation, The Internet, E-mail, MS-Word, Quicken, Windows XP, Linux and a variety of other subjects. Call us.


    The repairs include both software and hardware. I will evaluate the machine and then give you an estimate. There is no charge if it is not fixable. If it is fixable, but not by me, I will refer you to someone who can. Which, again will be no charge from me. (But will be from them. )

    Software concerns your Operating systems and programs that you use. ie: Windows, Linux, Word, Netscape, Internet Explorer ... etc.

    Hardware is, of course, the physical parts of the computer.


    Upgrades are supposed to be improvements or enhancements to your computer system. These can be of the software type or the hardware type.

    Software concerns your Operating systems and programs that you use. ie: Windows, Linux, Word, Netscape, Internet Explorer ... etc.

    Hardware is, of course, the physical parts of the computer.

New/Used Computers

    If you are interested in a New PC we can also help you there. We will discuss your needs and then assist you in making a proper purchase. You don't need a Super computer just to cruise the Net and read e-mail. However, you will need enough memory and graphics power to display all the neat pictures on the Web, if that is your interest.


    First to those of you who have WebSites with Free helpful information, fixes and cures to problems. Yes, I will possibly visit your site, and will possibly "ask" for some help or assistance, which you are offering for free. And, if you find out that I am charging for my services, and using yours for free, please consider that I am going to the individuals house, fixing or repairing it there -or- taking it to my "shop" to perform the required and lengthy operations... and then returning and setting up the machine. Not a trivial task and it takes time. The only reason I am working on these PC's in the first place is 'cause they don't want to wrack their brains trying to figure out how to keep the data, pictures, etc... that they 'forgot' to back up.
"They" do not want to waste their time, or they are uncomfortable, in searching the Web for fixes. I do NOT make a lot of money at this. That is why I have to work part time at WalMart. To those I offend ... I'm sorry you feel that way. I will, and have, donate(d) to your site(s).

    Now then, over the phone or over the net, like others my rates are free.

    IF I have to come to your home, or business, the rates are flexible ($24/hr Tutoring - $36/hr Repairs/Upgrades) Minimum 1 hour. The closer you live to me the less the rate. I can be no fairer than that. (My next door neighbor gets help for free. )

    I can also try to fit your budget. Actually, I would love to do it for free. However, I do, like you, have bills to pay. So unless I hit the 'big one', there will be some kind of a charge. People in the areas of Peoria, Glendale, The Sun Cities, Surprise, El Mirage, Youngtown and other adjacent communities, will pay less than those on the East Side. I live in Country Meadows on the West Side. East Side visits will probably have an additional $10 for travel... depends on the cost of gas at the time.

    Preparation Guide For Use Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help


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