Customer Comments - the bright? ones


    I presently work part time at Wal-Mart in the electronics section. We have at times had some "interesting" comments from a number of our customers. Names will not be used so the innocent and/or not too bright may be protected.

  Digital Converters

    I received a call from a lady that had purchased one of these new converters. She had hooked it up but her TV would not work. I tried to console her and then walk through the steps neccessary to get it working.

  • Lady: Hello, I just purchased one of those TV converters and I can not get a picture.
  • Me: Did you connect the wire from the antenna to the back of the box?
  • Lady: Yes
  • Me: Then did you connect the box to the back of the TV?
  • Lady: Yes
  • Me: You now need to select channel 4 on your TV and leave it there. The channels will be changed via the remote for the converter.
  • Lady: Ok. But there is still no picture on the TV.
  • Me: Did you trun on the converter box? Is the green lite lit?
  • Lady: Yes it is.
  • Me: Is the TV turned on?
  • Lady: I pressed the button but nothing happens.
  • Me: Is the TV plugged into the wall??
  • Lady: Yes, through the converter box.
  • Me: No, I don't mean the antenna connection, I mean the AC power connetion.
  • Lady: No. Doesn't it get that through the converter??
  • Me: Hand over phone and    ... after recovery ... No Ma'am. You must also plug the TV into the AC wall outlet.
  • Lady: Ooohh... Ok. Thank you.


    This particular incident was related to me by a fellow associate.

  • Customer: Where can I find your DVD re-winders?
  • Associate: Uhmmmm... sir, DVD's do not require rewinding.
  • Customer: They do too!! And I had one... that I bought at Wal-Mart!
  • Associate: Well, I am sorry sir but we do not have any cause they don't make them.
  • Customer: In utter disbelief and total disgust, grumbling and shaking his head storms away... .
  • Associate:

  Paying the Bill

    Sometimes WE don't think...

  • Customer: He hands me the merchandise.
  • Me: I Scan the items and total the cost. $75.51
  • Customer: He hands me three $20 bills, a $10 bill, a $5 bill and a dollar.
  • Me: I Collect the money and enter the amount on the register. The money drawer opens.
  • Customer: By the way ... can I get change for a $50...??? <--
  • Me: Smiling ... fighting back laughter ... I take the $50 bill from the customer and give him back two of the $20 bills and the $10 bill that he just gave the me!!

  Another act of Thoughtlessness

    Another one related to me by a fellow associate.

  • Customer: Hands over the merchandise.
  • Associate: Scans the items to ring them up.
  • Customer: Asks if he can pay part cash and part debit.
  • Associate: Yes you can.
  • Customer: Can I also get some cash back?
  • Associate: Yes.
  • Customer: Gives the Associate a $20 dollar bill and then swipes his card.
  • Associate: Operates the regisiter and the receipt says... he wants $20 cash back...
    The associate smiles and gives him back the $20 that he just gave the associate!!

  Are you open ??

    Just finshed ringing up a customer and I am standing behind the register with the drawer open. Another customer walks up ....

  • Customer: Are you open??
  • Associate: Thinks ... No. I'm just playing with the money. Actually says, "Yes Mam, with a smile."

  A silly question ...

    Me ... standing in the isle way ... with Badge on and in Uniform...

  • Customer: Do you work here??
  • Associate: Smiling says ... Sometimes.
Then I had the response by one gentlman, "I didn't think you worked here cause you had nice clothes on.!!" Hmmmmm.... what does that say about our society???

  Watch out they will byte you ...

    Then we have the blind ... or appear to be ...

  • Customer:Leaning on the counter asks, "Where are the Verison Phones?"
  • Associate: "Look down ... under your hands."

  ??? For further additions ...


  • Customer:
  • Associate:


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