Building A Website - Page 2

    Some Fancies: Well... maybe I can say that. Some won't consider them fancy as such, but then, they are not normal text and can make your page jump out. What am I talking about?? Images. Now these come in various forms as listed on my Image Info page. Which type, or form, you choose can be dependant on several factors. Number one being, what you are trying to show.

    One of the items you may want, is to include some of the 'Smileys' in your sections of verbage to bring some lite to otherwise dull reading. And you can also include images of other things, like your System, your local area network, your car, house and anything else that you have a digital picture of. You just have to put it in a form that will be viewable by your intended audience.

    Another type of fancy is Flash graphics. You can create your own little movies with action and sound. Your only real limitation will be your imagination and talent at drawing. The most prominent software is Flash by Macromedia. However, another one, and the one that I use is KoolMoves. It was created by Bob Hartzel and is a lower cost alternative. There are others but I like Bob's the best. He is constantly updating it and you get notified of the changes. A really good chap.

    A simplistic example of KoolMoves is in my computer section that I call Computer Insides. I only put sound on the first couple of scenes. May be more added when you read this ... or may not.

An Update: 18 Dec 04

    I did incorporate some 'Flash' on my front page. If you don't have Flash installed you won't see my Flash Graphic and I won't bother to tell you that you need to get a Flash Viewer. At this time in Internet History I think everyone knows about Flash and if they want to display the stuff on the WebPages they visit, then they will have it loaded. Otherwise, I just feel that they are not interested. However, I plan on placing access to the Flash Viewer in my Products Page.

    So, as you can see I had great expectations on writing all this up. I have set aside 5 pages and I am having a hard time writing two! I am finding it difficult to takes notes and do it at the same time. So, bear with me ... or not. My hopes are that you will find something on this site worth while. Perhaps the Lord's Page.

    One item I want to emphasize is, the beginnings of this site came from Templates provided by BraveNet. If you are having trouble building a WebSite or just some WebPages for yourself, take a look around. Search for HTML templates and I'm sure you will find a lot. Some free and some cost ... but they are there.

    As I stated on the opening page of my site, and above, I am using some Templates from BraveNet. Depending on your experience these may look daunting ... or not. They are heavy into the CSS aspect but you can also use "Normal" HTML with them. I found their way of laying out the Web pages very interesting and appealing to my tastes. They offer lots of flexibility and can be as colorful as you desire. They are also a great help in learning to use CSS. You have working Web Pages built with CSS that you can experiment with. All pages have title bars and menu selections. The method of creating the menu selections can also be used for decoration, as you will see that I have done. Most people won't know that they are blank selections unless you tell them.

A Problem - witn dates

    I have so craftily placed the Last date Modified at the bottom of all my Pages. How-some-ever, it seems that a lot of them are changed as they are viewed and this causes the modified date to become the current date and time! So I need to figure out another way.

    Well, it appears that if I use JavaScript to display the last date modified, it will use the current date and time. However, if I use the PHP last date modified it works properly. I believe that this is because the JavaScript method is modifying the document with a document write. Hmmmmm ... PHP modifies the document too. Anyway, in order to use the PHP method I would either have to make all my pages PHP type or have my server look for PHP code in all of my pages. Not really good either way. It would waste a lot of time and place a lot of work on the server to parse all my pages just for a date. Bummer. Guess that I need to remember to change it myself. That's a lost cause in itself..


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