Building A Website - Page 3

More on the Fancies

    Expanding on the Fancies concept from page 2, you will notice some differences in the Title and Footer banners on the pages. Not all... at least not yet ... but then maybe when you visit they will be. Ok now. So what changed already??? I had a dull solid color in them. You will now see, for lack of a better term, a marblized texture. I got the idea from another site that is also offering templates. The site is 5sec Studio. They do some fine work.

    Now then, in addition to the Fancies I wanted to center my Web Pages. I was able to do that on the main page but I am having some trouble on others. Even the main page was not quite right... or is it. The way I centered it was to place a <div align=center> around the whole page. The side affect to this is that EVERYTHING got centered. Now for the main page this is kinda neat. At least I think so. However, I have been trying to do the same thing with my CreditNRefs page and it badly offsets the content ... in Mozilla on Linux only!! It will work "properly" in Homesite, Win Netscape and Win IE 5.0. But when I use Netscape or Mozilla in Linux mode the content is shifted to the right about 10 chars.

    Now there is a site, which I refer to as Little Boxes in my menu on the left, that has a lot of info on the do's and don'ts, concerning Boxes and other stuff in CSS. I am going to try some of his presentations to see if I can have better luck. I really would like to have all this work with any Browser but it is getting very difficult. There are so many little things that are not implemented in all Browsers.

A Question

    What's correct??? In trying to create a site that is readable by all Browsers I have been using CSS. Now then, older Browsers don't understand CSS. There are even differences in the way the current crop of Browsers interpret the CSS code. All this claim of separating content and display is not working properly. Stuff changes so quickly. The new stuff is great but can't be seen by all, so we have to accomodate the old. Now what did the new gain us if because of the old it isn't seen. Then there is a lot of wasted disk space and memory cause we have to have so many different ways of displaying the same thing. Since most, if not all, of the Browsers are free, should we just say, "Write the code for the new and forget the old?"... and because of the differences in the new just say heck with this separation and just go back to using Tables and Frames so the Pages can be displayed properly? If you have sensed a little frustration in all this ... you are partially correct. But it's not a little, it's a lot!

An Answer

    Use both! I experimented with this page first. I placed the whole page after the body opening to just before the body closing in a big one cell table. Then I surrounded the table with a Div align center statement. The table insulated the rest of the page from the outside Div alignment. The result is nicely centered pages in all the Browsers that I have tested. I will use this on the rest of my pages, except for the Main page. I kinda like how it centers everything and at this time it is displaying properly in all the Browsers that I have used on Linux and Windows... which are Netscape, Mozilla and Internet Explorer 5 and 6. Yep, I really like the page centering.



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