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    This Browser is the one that I personally use most of the time. There are instances where I must use Internet Explorer cause the WebPage was written specifiaclly for it.

Well, someone at Mozilla, working on versions 4 & 5 decided we didn't need a Status Bar anymore. This didn't bother me until I was looking for something to monitor my WAN IP address. I need to keep track of it so I won't count myself in the bbclone counter. Someone had another possible way of avoid that -but- it didn't work. There is a setting in the bbclone configuration that will allow you to ignore certain IP addresses. However, my ISP, like most or all, of the others uses DHCP. This can cause your IP address to change when one or both of you re-start. When that happens I must hurry and change my bbclone configuration.

In order to correct the above problem Sparky Bluefang has re-created the Status Bar via an add-on. Please check Status-4 Evar.

Now then, I spent most of the day today looking for this -but- I finally found it -accidentally, of course. It is referenced on the left as "External IP". It will show your WAN IP address on the status line ( that is why the above was/is needed) -AND- you can set it to notify you if it changes!

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Internet Explorer

    Microsofts Internet browser.

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    This is the E-Mail program that goes along with Firefox.

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