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The Spousal Unit and Our Offspring

Well, I've got my immediate family: my beautiful wife, Dar, and my four great kids, Kim, Becky, Chris and Chris. Yep that's right, two sons named Chris.

The Parental Units and Their Offspring

My dad, Charles, Sr., lives in LaGrange, Ohio, with his wife (my step-mother), Dona.

My mother, Wilda, died in 1992, after a long bout with thyroid cancer. At the time of her death, she was living with my Dad and was happily married for 50 years.

Both of my wife's parents, Har and Gwen, have parted this earth.

I have 4 brothers, Ron, John, Rich and Jim and they all live in Ohio.

My wife has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. One brother, Tim, lives in Washington State. The other brother, Vern, and one sister, Brenda, live in Ohio. Two sisters, Jan and Joann live in North Carolina and one sister, Lisa, lives in Georgia.

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