"The trouble with structured programming is that your next job is in RPG." -- Tom Sanderson

Chuck Taylor -  Skills Summary

Skill Summary
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o C/C++ o SQL o Unix shell
o PHP o HTML o awk/sed

Operating Systems

o Linux o Unix o AIX
o Windows XP o Windows 2000 o Windows NT
o Windows 98 o GECOS o VOS

Software Environments, IDE's, and Libraries

o GNU C o Borland C o Visual C++
o CGI o Embedded SQL
o X Windows

Programming Proficiencies

o Object-Oriented software development
o Event-driven programming
o Network protocols
o Language and API design
o Quickly learning languages, API's, environments
o High quality software design
o User Interface design

Selected Skills In-Depth

Linux / Unix / AIX

Programming in C and administering and developing software professionally on a Unix type system since 1991.  Knowledge of Unix command set, shell programming, X windows, and Unix host and network administration.


Using and programming on Windows since 1987.  Past couple of years has been primarily on Windows NT and Windows 2000.  Development environments have been Borland and Microsoft C/C++.


Programming in C or C++ constantly since 1988.  Taught college level courses in C 1990 - 1992.  Began using object-oriented C++ in January 1994.   Developed over a dozen C and C++ applications and maintained or enhanced many others, using standard (bundled) Unix development compilers and tools, Borland and Microsoft C++ IDE's on Windows.

Intranet and Client/Server Applications and Protocols


Graphical User Interfaces

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