SuSE 8.2


    Sorry that I haven't gotten my notes for 8.1, 8.2 and 9.0 placed on these pages. Unfortunately, I'm not even sure that I have any. The items were all sort of repetitious anyway. However, I'm sure that I have something somewhere and I will place them here when I can. I just decided to do all this while installing version 9.1.
Wellll, I found some notes ... if anyone is interested.

    As with some previous versions, it is suggested that you load up the default (what they think you want) before you make any changes. Not sure how some of this stuff is intertwinned but it screws up when I try to make it my way.

  1. Graphical changes again.
  2. They are defaulting to reiser disk format. I changed it to Ext2.
  3. Not listening to myself and making changes to the install. There is just some stuff I want and some I don't. However, the don't wants I may let some stay ... for now.
  4. Is using bind9.
  5. Does not understand mouse wheel during this package selection. It claims it saw a mouse with a wheel though.
  6. I am selecting stuff like in the past ... libs, langs and other stuff for computer geeks.
  7. Have my basic SuSE setup from SuSE DVD.

    Sorry that this is all for now...





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