SuSE 9.0


    Sorry that I haven't gotten my notes for 8.1, 8.2 and 9.0 placed on these pages. Unfortunately, I'm not even sure that I have any. The items were all sort of repetitious anyway. However, I'm sure that I have something somewhere and I will place them here when I can. I just decided to do all this while installing version 9.1.
Wellll, I found some notes ... if anyone is interested.

  1. New SuSE has a double sided DVD. All At first skims I could not find any mention of it in the books. But when you put it in the drive and start the install, they tell you if it is the wrong side.
  2. Naturally partitions were not to my liking and I went back to Ext2.
  3. I am making some selections right off. I know I shouldn't from past experience but what the heck, let's see if they have gotten better on the installs. For the most part I am gona keep what they have selected.
    Mouse wheel does not work during install.
      A) Removed all games, but allowed a couple of toys.
      B) Selected development.
      C) Selected kernel dev.
  4. Initially the mouse did not work. Had to re-boot. (happened before)
  5. Screen not correct. Had to go into SAX.
  6. Installing VMware - Have problems. I shouldn't have touched the install selections... finally re-installed
  7. Also had a minor problem installing Netscape. It wouldn't!!!
  8. Got ahead of myself, forgot to mention my personal setups. the alias, function and xinitrc.
  9. VMware was brought up ... but have to use acpi = off


    Sorry that this is all for now...





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