SuSE 9.3

SuSE 9.3 Install

    Continuing with my installation notes for the various SuSE upgrades. After backing up what was important to me, I went forward with the 9.3 installation. Didn't have to worry about VMware this time cause it was not installed. VMware 3.2 was wiped out by the trial testing for VMware 5.0 and I hadn't re-installed 3.2 ... yet. I usually have to reload/reconfigure it anyway cause of the new kernel. This one is The previous was 2.6.8-24.

Step What Done Results or Further Actions
1 Insert 1st CD Got fancy new graphics. Choice of Installation or with ACPI disabled or Safe Mode. Trying straight install. Press ESC to see what is happening.
2 Display My display is shifted to the left a little over one character. Pushing the Auto Fit on my new LCD display fixed the problem.
3 YAST Language select - English. Then options of New, Update, Repair, Boot or Abort. I chose update.
4 Updating A check was made on my previous installation and I was presented a list stating that some packages are going to require manual intervention.
5 MPlayer Conflict - no - selected delete
6 Java No Java. Could've swarn that it was in the selections. Hmmmmm
Note: QPS & Bluefish The install wanted to kill both. I kept them and so far they are apparently working. In fact I am writing this in Bluefish. The graphics look a little different. A good point is the verbage below the icons. It is cleaner and more readable on my new LCD display.
Finish The System For the most part the update went ok. I am operating everything, so far, as if nothing has changed. However, I do think some things I am doing are faster. Faster kernel??? It is rather dull if you are looking for specifics on the install of SuSE 9.3. If you had a good, working version of 9.2, the update will go/work just fine.

VMware on 9.3

    This can be found at VMware on 9.3. VMware version 3.2 was used in this installation. Personally I don't need all the extras that VMware 5.0 contains. You will find my exploits with VMware 5.0, both Beta and Released, on SuSE 9.2 in VMware 5 On Linux. I have not yet experimented with VMware 5.1.


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