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7708 N. 108th Drive
Glendale, Arizona

Home:   (623) 872-8069
Cell:   (623) 694-5806
E-Mail 1:   TR@trcompu.com
E-Mail 2:   chucktr@cox.net
WWW:   http://www.trcompu.com/


Charles M. Taylor, Jr.

Skill Summary
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Current Objective

A number of individuals have looked at this, my Resume, but have not contacted me. I can be had for an economical rate... cheap. I just would like to get back into a full, or heavy part time, job in computer related electronics or programming. Thanks.

An available professional, with various skills, seeks opportunity to install, test and maintain software and/or hardware within the operational, performance, testing and maintenance areas of an overall system. Preferably in the northwest Phoenix area.


Operating Systems Linux/Unix/AIX, VOS, GECOS, CP-V
Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP
Associated Hardware PC's, Stratus, RS/6000, VAX,
Honeywell Mainframes, Xerox Sigma 9
Programming Languages
Object-Oriented Software Development
C/C++, PHP, HTML, SQL, UNIX shell scripting, Fortran, COBOL
Internet Protocols / Networking
(World-Wide Web, CGI, etc.)
TCP/IP Network Programming, Samba, Apache
Software Tools and GUI Design Linux, HomeSite, Dreamweaver, Paint Shop Pro, KoolMoves
Database Oracle - MySQL
Maintenance Hardware and Software troubleshooting and repair.

Selected Career Highlights

COMPUTER SKILLS - SOFTWARE / HARDWARE - Programmed in various languages on the software side and built or repaired electronic circuitry for PC and Mainframe computers.
  • Accomplishments in software were the result of both schooling and self teaching.
  • Hardware skills were developed in the service, enhanced by civilian training and self teaching on home systems.
  • Wrote board test software for computer systems.
  • Maintained the test software.
  • Designed and constructed small pieces of test equipment.
Results: Knowledge of hardware assisted the creation of software tests that produced better results for manufacturing.

INDEPENDENT PROGRAMMER- REAP-Created and wrote a real estate accounting program in the C language.
  • Interfaced with Greenleaf financial mathlib.
  • Tracked individual property repairs and upgrades for bank owned real estate, billing and crediting same.
  • Tracked pricing, availability, listing time frames, escrows and closings.
Results: Customer was so satisfied, they spent their own money marketing the REAP program.

ANALYZING / TROUBLESHOOTING - Used strong analysis and testing skills to build and network personal computers.
  • Researched processes and required equipment for project.
  • Detected problems, analyzed and tested each step involving hardware and software.
  • Made modifications as required.
Results: Built and networked three personal computers that are in a perpetual state of change and upgrading.

MODIFYING / ENHANCING / DESIGNING - Designed, created and modified hardware and software involved with electronic equipment and computers to test.
  • Received request to create new or modify existing programs and/or equipment to obtain satisfactory test results prior to shipment.
  • Communicated with personnel involved with original design of equipment to be tested.
  • Determined if current programs/equipment could be used/modified or if new was required.
  • If new program/equipment was required, obtained necessary information to be used.
Results: Existing test generator output was successfully converted to interface.

COMMUNICATION - Gathered from the individuals making requests for board test.
  • Gathered needed data by conveying the needs to the requesters.
  • Conferred with Test operators on the nature of the test.
Results: Information presented during a test was in an agreed upon format which resulted in greater through put and less problems for the operators.

OBSERVING - Gathered details through observation and discussion with Test technicians.
  • Details gathered by watching over the operation of test equipment.
  • Determined through discussion with the technicians that test conversions were taking hours to translate.
  • Paid close attention to details of operations and found areas for improvement.
  • Instituted program changes to reflect improvements.
Results: Improved performance on the Board Testers to complete test translations in minutes versus hours.



  Spanlink Communications, Phoenix Team    
  • Wrote programs using Lucent Script Builder and 'C' Language to perform Interactive Voice Response.
  • A local transaction database was created for each call from a Pharmacist.


  Telesoft Corporation, Phoenix, AZ.    
  • Wrote and maintained software in C using ODBC to access Oracle database.
  • Systems involved were Linux and AIX for telephone switching and billing.
  American Express, Phoenix, AZ.    
  • Primary support for internal customers.
  • Developed software in C for use in Travel Service Airline Reservations.
  • Wrote an online help system in HTML, reducing calls for the Help Desk.
  • Performed extensive system testing on the software, documenting and correcting errors.


  Bull HN (formerly Honeywell LISD), Phoenix, AZ.    
  • Wrote a post-processor for ANVIL, a PC test generator.
  • Maintained common libraries and investigated PC-based tools.
  • Developed a post processor for Honeywell's FAST test generator.
  • Designed and modified other software tools for use in fault simulation.

Other Work History

Other Relevant Experience

Phoenix Institute of Technology        Glendale Community College
Instructor (Part time nights)            Instructor (Part time nights)

Rio Salado Community College
College without a campus
Instructor After Hours at Honeywell


Associates Degree
Lorain County Community College
Elyria, OH

Electronics Communications Repair Certification
US Air Force, Lackland AFB, TX

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