SuSE 10.0/1 the alphas


    Before jumping into this, I really need to decide if I want to destroy my system again. Shouldn't happen, but it usually does because of some silly little thing. However, I have not been happy with SuSE 9.3. I don't particularly like the way the CD/DVDs are handled and I am having trouble with the little movies. Granted these probably can be fixed but I don't remember having troubles with them in the previous versions. There are other things but I can't think of them all right at the moment. Most involved the operation of the system. I, personaly, kinda liked having to mount the devices. Makes me feel more computerish. Think they might possibly be trying to make Linux to Windowsy.?.?

    Now SuSE version 10.0 is out and it temps me to try it. Course there is that thing about the "0" versions. But someone has to try them. Unfortunately though, I seem to be able to find the problems... even in the later versions. Annnnd... to make matters worse... or even more scarey... this is a developement version and not a released one.
   Awwww, heck ... let's do it.
   The CDs were/can be obtained via downloads from Open SuSE Org. These were/are 5 ISO files that took some time to download... even at cable speeds.

    ==== This will cover 10.0 thru 10.1 apha-3 ====
    ====    10.1 alpha-4 is a whole new page   ====

Make Linux Installation Disks

    Allllrighty now. We need to create 5 CDs from these files so that we can install the new 10.0 SuSE. This is "NOT" just a copy of the files to disk. An ISO is burned in a special way. The ISO file is literally a CD image, not a regular file. I am assuming that you are using Linux and K3B for creating the disks. (If not, use Nero in Windows) After inserting your blank CD-R disk, start up the K3B program, if it does not start automatically. Go to the "Tools" menu, then to the "CD" submenu, and select "Burn CD ISO Image" or just a "Burn CD Image." A window will pop up where you can select the "Image to Burn". Click the small folder icon next to the input box to open a file-browser window where you can browse for the ISO file. After selecting the file, hit the "Start" button in the Burn window. It will take a few minutes for the process to complete. The computer will eject the disk when it has finished. Repeat for the other 4 disks.

    Incidently, the version of K3B that I have checks the Md5 Sum when it loads the file. Unfortunately, it starts checking the last file selected when you try to select a file. I found that even though it was doing an Md5 Sum check you could select another file and then it would quit checking the previous one and start on your new selection. Just an FYI for anyone that needs it.

    Ok, what do we get on these 5 CDs??? The highlights can be found at: Open SuSE Org.

  • New: Kernel
  • New: KDE 3.4.91
  • GCC 4.0
  • version 6.8.2
  • GNOME 2.12
  • Samba 3.0.20
  • Open Office 2.0
The index listing of everything: SuSE 10.0 Since not all packages are included Annnddd... I only did an update, I'm not really sure what got updated, other than the kernel and KDE. Will continue to investigate. First time that I have updated this way. This is the developement version... the real bleeding edge.

The Install of SuSE 10.0

Step What Done Results or Further Actions
1 Insert 1st CD Re-booted and got another new sign-on screen with some new graphics. They are pleasing and impressive. However, we have just the same ol' options.
2 Chose Installation Get Language choice then Media Check, with which you can check the MD5 Check Sum on the CDS. that we just burned. (This is how I found the problems with my CDs mentioned below.)
3 Selected Update It found my 9.3 installation. There were conflicts in the Packages. These all invloved Mplayer. I just said delete Mplayer. I'll fight with that later.
4 Accept After warnings it started the Update. During disk 4 I got an error message concerniong thermal and I should have written down the exact info ... but I didn't. I just did an ignore and it continued on.
5 After re-start The system, SuSE Linux ver 10.0, came up on my system and my desktop looked the same. Well almost. Bluefish, a Linux HTML editor, had just a Document Square instead of the blue fish. I suspect that it will not work. Nope, it won't. However, Firefox and Thunderbird both worked. Also working is my MySql database. Ooops, it didn't carry over my zip disk operations. I will have to re-install that. My Zip disk is a parallel port type.
6 Arrrrggg!! Well, we have problems. As mentioned above, I did an Update and not a New Installation. I would like to keep as much of my system set up as possible. Naturally, VMware would not work with this new installation cause of the kernel change. I tried to compile the Linux software and could not get a successful compile. Fortunately, I got enough that I could get a configure/compile for VMware. Still it did not work. The not_configured flag in /etc/vmware turned out to be the problem. Had to be cleared and then I was able to bring up VMware. Hurray, hurray!!
7 After re-boot Oooops...vmware will not come up after a re-boot. The not_configured flag got set in /etc/vmware again. That means that something is not quite right and it could not get going at boot time. However, after clearing the flag I was able to start and use VMware. Will have to investigate that.
8 Next Day Power Up Naturally, this is not consistent. At this Power Up restart VMware got started and I haven't changed a thing. However, in this setup I get, as usual, the warning about the kernel difference and the warning about the mouse. Neither caused a problem before and so far nothing on this. But, I am now getting an error message about the sound. It says it can't find /dev/dsp. So I have no sound in VMware. Hmmmmm... further investigation shows I have no Linux sound either.
    10.1 Alpha 1
9 10.1 alpha 1 All the warnings I got whilst compiling the kernel, under 10.0, were a mess. There is a note in the comments for version 10.1 that these have been taken care of. So, instead of continuing with 10.0 I am going to jump ship and board the 10.1 vessel.
10 CD Side-Note This is just an FYI. I got a 5 Pack of Maxell CD-RW discs. Using K3B in SuSE 10.0 I created discs 1 and 2. Discs 3 and 4 failed. I tried various means to find the errors and it was determined that the brand new discs were bad. So, I bought another 5 Pack thinking that I could get 5 good ones out of 10. Well, as it turned out, not only were 3 and 4 bad but 1, 2 and 5 were also bad from the first pack. I got MD5SUM errors on 1 and 5 and it wouldn't even read 2. So as it turned out, all of the discs in the first 5 Pack were bad. However, all the discs in the second 5 pack were good. Same manufacturer and purchased from the same store.??.. Just my luck.
11 10.1 First CD Had some conflicts with Pilot Link. Don't even know what that is. Which means I never used it so I just selected Do not install conflicting packages. Finally got it going and we slowly step thru the CDs.
12 Restart 10.1 Hmmmmm... all is not good. I auto hide the task bar. Just bringing my mouse to the bottom of the screen will not display the task bar. I have to move the mouse all the way to the left bottom in order to get the task bar to show. Then in order to see the menu I must click on the Lizzard Face.
Later Note: Turns out this was a default setting.
    In the verbiage below, "Without doing a thing" means that everything worked just as before the update.
13 What works?? #1. Firefox without doing a thing. Well... not quite. Firefox Beta 1.5 doesn't print correctly. In fact it messes up my printer setting.
#2. Thunderbird without doing a thing.
#3. VMware after the recompile and reconfigure. This is VMware 3.2 and the same steps were followed as in the previous SuSE 9.0 thru 9.3 versions. Again, this was only an update... not a full install.
#4. Networking with my other computers. I was able to transfer files. I didn't have to change or edit anything.
#5. MySql started up fine without doing a thing. I was able to access my custumer DB.
#6. Printed a file from my editor without doing a thing.
#7. Printed a file from within VMware without doing a thing.
14 What doesn't work? #1. Bluefish, my HTML editor for Linux. Maybe a re-install or an updated version??
#2. QPS, neat little package to display the processes. Seems that I had to play some games to get it to work in the previous version. Investigation required.
#3. Task bar hidding and showing is screwed up. OOOOppss.. No it isn't. This version just has a different default setup. Going into the Panel Configuration showed that it was set to redisplay when cursor went to bottom left. I changed it to bottom edge and all is well again.
#4. Zip Disk not recognized. Have to look at previous notes to see what I did to get this to work.
15 Continuing... This is preliminary ... just like the system. More to come as I investigate.
    10.1 Alpha 2
16 10.1 alpha 2 Alllrighty now. We have another version of 10.1. Hopefully they will have encorporated some of the items that were missing ... like sound. But I had problems there before. Could be I have to set up a startup file. Looking back at SuSE 9.2, that was the case ... sorta. But at this point those tricks didn't work. So I am gona update to the latest and greatest version and then go from there.
17 Install First naturally is language question. Then it wants to check the CDs. This is a good idea as you can tell from my experiences above with the 10.0 version and some bad CDs. I re-wrote alpha 2 over alpha 1. So a check is definately in order here. Welllll... I got an MD5SUM error on disk #4. Bumber. It takes so long to download these and I am not sure that a new download will fix the probelm. Running the check again first. Nope ... it's bad. Well, I brought down a new copy and re-burned the CD... still no dice. Guess I need to find another source. I found another one but it is a lot slower on the download... a lot slower.
   Ok. That was not profitable. Got another MD5SUM error!! I guess this disk might be bad. I don't have another re-writable one so I will just have to waste another regular CD. Yep!! That was it. Guess these Maxell CD-RW's are not very good.
18 First CD After the language selction and the CD check fiasco, we are asked to accept the licence. I did and we move on. It will probe the system and then ask if you want a New Install or an Update. I, naturally, am choosing Update. It evaluated the system and then showed SuSE 10.0.42 to be updated.
19 Package Check It looked over the system in more detail and checked the Package Database. Got the usual message, It could not resolve all conflicts. Manual intervention required. The conflicts are with kdeaddons3 and kdeadons3-kate, kdeaddons3-kicker, kdeaddons3-konqueror and kdeaddons3-sound. The choices are not clear, however, I chose to remove the conflicting packages.
20 Start Update Finally we start the update. This is just watching and disk swapping.
Hmmmmmm... this was not good. I did not get the KDE environment. That conflict above was not good. Need to see if I can recover.
21 10.1 alpha 2
Well, I couldn't see why KDE wasn't working. It was starting but not displaying a desktop. Fortunately, Xwindows worked and I could use my Xterms. However, I can not use Netscape or Firefox. So, its off to see the Windows side of my machine so that I can investigate.
22 Arrrgg!! My recovery is a total loss. I could not get the system working. I don't have the knowledge, experience, time or patience to follow this any further. I must sub come to wiping out my Linux Partition and reloading a previous Linux. I chose to use SuSE Linux 9.2. Once again I get to see how good my notes are. I am doing a complete from scratch install. In other words nothing of the old was left.
23 In 9.2 Good thing that I have been documenting these things. One of my greatest pleasures with Linux is that I can use my HP 9995 as my own personal ISP, so to speak. In my house I have my own little Network of 3 or 4 PCs. This allows me to experiment with the Internet/Networking concepts. What is shared and what isn't. Also I get burned when restoring or creating a setup. Things that we, or at least I, forget. Some important ones are:
  1. Start DNS server at boot time.
  2. Enable HTTP at boot time.
  3. Start Samba at boot time.
Call to undefined function session_start()
In addition to the above, a little note about PHP and MySQL. In another Web Page, I talk about MySQL and creating a customer DataBase. Well, the later wasn't just talk. It describes the database building I did for myself. Well, in this recovery I had trouble getting my DB to work. Things didn't make sense till I investigated via some areas on the Web. Turns out not all the PHP functions, that I am using, were loaded. These are in packages called "Extension Modules". I don't remember having to select them this way the first time ... but ... then that is why I am writting all these Web pages... cause my memory is failing. Anyway, if you get this error, or one similar to it, go check that you have loaded all the needed PHP Extensions.
24 10.1 alpha-1 again?? Welllll... I'm sortof a die hard ... and I don't like egg on my face. I wiped out version 10.1 alpha-1 with alpha-2 version cause I only had so many re-writable disks. That has changed and now I am bringing 10.1 alpha-1 back down. Unfortunately, it will take some time to bring down all 5 ISO's so there will be a delay. I am going to skip 9.3 and go directly from 9.2 to 10.1 alpha-1. I'm also going to find out how well all this will muti-task. I am using Homesite and Netscape, in Windows, inside VMware and downloading via Netscape in Linux ... all at the same time.
  Now then, 10.0 used KDE 3.4 but 10.1 alpha-1 uses KDE 3.5 beta-1. As stated above, 10.1 alpha-1 worked. But something something in 10.1 alpha-2 bombed and I believe it was a newer KDE 3.5. So after I get the alpha-1 files I may go to and get the latest KDE 3.5 files ... before doing any upgrading. I mean if we are gona experiment ... then let's experiment... go all the way.
25 Release Schedule By the looks of the schedule, I think that I will only move up to 10.1 alpha-1 for now and wait for 10.1 alpha-3 to hit. That's only 8 days away. So I can play with alpha-1 and get things ready for alpha-3. I'm not even gona waste any more time on alpha-2. This schedule was obtained from: Open Suse Org

SUSE Linux 10.1 Schedule

Oct 20, 2005

SUSE Linux 10.1 OSS Alpha 2 release.

Nov 17, 2005

SUSE Linux 10.1 OSS Alpha 3 release.

Dec 15, 2005

SUSE Linux 10.1 OSS Alpha 4 release.

Jan 19, 2006

SUSE Linux 10.1 OSS Beta 1 release.

Jan 26, 2006

SUSE Linux 10.1 OSS Beta 2 release.

Feb 02, 2006

SUSE Linux 10.1 OSS Beta 3 release.

Feb 09, 2006

SUSE Linux 10.1 OSS Beta 4 release.

Feb 16, 2006

SUSE Linux 10.1 OSS RC1 release.

26 KDE 3.5 It appears that alpha-1 uses KDE 3.5 Beta-1 and alpha-2 uses KDE 3.5 Beta-2. So, since a lack of a desktop in alpha-2 was the biggest problem I would have to surmise that the main problem is with the Beta-2 version of KDE.
    10.1 Alpha 3
27 10.1 alpha 3 Well I never did get 10.1 alpha-1 loaded again. Got 9.2 loaded and then started using the system. Time and other things kept me from the re-load. Speaking of time, the 8 days have flown by and now alpha-3 is out. So, over a two day period I downloaded the ISO's of the 10.1 alpha-3 version. Must have been a lot of people getting it... cause it was quite slow.
28 Make Disc's After the downloads we create the install discs. I bought extras, so if there is trouble with any of these CD's, I will have "back ups". ... Later: Well, they all recorded apparently OK. Now I have to resave some stuff before cutting loose on this. I have been using this system during and after the restore of SuSE 9.2 and ... as I found out on 10.1 alpha-2 ... things ain't always clean.
29 YaaHoooo!! Update Tons of excitement and pleasure... with only a couple of bumps. I was gona just check the MD5SUMS. The first disc was placed in my drive and the system was re-booted. Arrggg... the mouse didn't work. I moved it but the arrow head stayed in the same spot. Oh darn I thought. Well... I've had this before and sometimes a re-boot would fix it. I have a USB optical mouse. A re-boot did not correct the problem. Hmmmmm... ok lets see if it will fix itself after it loads... which has also happened in the past. So, I used the Tab key and the arrow keys to just do an Update. Now in this confusion I forgot to check the MD5SUMS. I think it is one of the button items at the bottom of one of the first screens. I'll have to re-do the first disc.
30 At first boot My excitement above was cause it worked!! The boot came up with my two exterms that I alway load via the xinit file ... but the rest of the screen was black. I thought... Oh No!! But alas, the KDE desk-top did come up. Really cool. It has what I think is the SuSE default background but all my icons were there and looking better!
31 Apps Worked Another cool event is... Bluefish works. That is what I am using right now to write this. I know that VMware will not work cause of the kernel change... to However, QPS did not. I will have to re-install it.
32 A Big Oooops Well, how about that. The task bar came up with the Log Out and Lock Session icons over on the right, so I won't have to put them there myself, BUT... I could not log out.! Even the ones in the KDE menu did not work. Guess that guy that never re-boots his Linux worked on this version. Ok, let's bring up root and do a shut-down the old fashioned way... shutdown -r now
Note I placed the first CD in my drive and did a re-boot. Made selections and looked at the screens. This version doesn't give you the opportunity to check the disks. Oh well, they worked.
33 Upon Re-Boot At first grins I'm liking the new KDE 3.5 desktop. The icons are the same only look a little more warm, soft and fuzzy. May or may not be a good way of saying it, but any way the desk top is not as harsh or cold. If you hold your mouse over an item you get a helpfull hint as to what the item is.(which is not new) The Log Out and Lock Session icons say what they are untill you click them. Then they don't work and no more hints... ooops I lied just a little. You will get the helpful hints on the Log Out and Lock Session, after clicking, if you wait long enough. But they still don't work. I will have to investigate the Web and see if anyone else has had this problem.
34 What still Works?? Well, apparently:
are working cause I can bring up my Web Site here on my PC to view what I have created.
35 Compile Ok, now we see if we got it all. I must compile the kernel in order to get everything set for VMware. VMware on 10.1
     real    104m15.883s
     user    97m57.367s
     sys     5m55.282s
Times on a P4 2.0Ghz system, with 1GB of SDRAM and a 7200rpm HD.
Seems to have taken longer than before and there were a lot of warnings.
36 Linux Mag Help Once again I have no sound in a newly installed system. However... I need to look at my notes from the SuSE 9.2 install. Which also had a sound problem. I did and I got the sound to work. Re-booted and it still worked.
37 Networking This problem is a share between this Web Page and my VMware on 10.1 page. Mainly cause that is where I am experiencing most of my Network problems. From the VMware/Win2k setup I could access all of my Network except my Linux Host which is on the same box!! However, in order to correct a problem with my Printer Server I re-booted into WinXP (I have a dual boot PC). After correcting the problem I just re-booted back into Linux. I was then able to access Linux from Win2k!!! Shazam!! Then as an experiment on the printer setup I powered down everything for 15 minutes. My wifes PC was fired up first and access to the printer was tested. I then fired up my Linux box and then VMware. Bummmers!! I can not access my Linux Host from the Win2k again. However, I see the rest of the Network. For an experiment I am going to re-boot into WinXP and then re-boot back to Linux without a Power off.
38 Arrgg!! After re-booting into WinXP and then re-booting into Linux ... VMware/Win2k can now see my Linux Host!! Need to figure this out. I do not want to do all this dual booting. After all that is why I got VMware in to first place!! So what got changed and/or set correctly on this re-boot/re-boot???
39 Permissions This is what it has to be. But how do they get changed by re-booting???
40 Nothing Well the above didn't make any sense and it was a fluke. Next day I can not duplicate the scenario. In fact things got worse after I dual booted and I had to Power down in order to get back the small Networking that I have.
41 Permissions!! I read and tried most of the suggestions available on the Net and nothing has worked. Even the little tibit from my VMware Hero didn't work. Now then, I had trouble once before accessing things fron VMware/Win2k to the Linux Host and I had to add permissions to the 'other' section. (this came to mind after all the other tries failed) So, /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer already had ug+rw. I added o+rw and fired up VMware/Win2k. Gues what?? It worked. Not only did the sound work but I could also access my Linux Host on my local network. In order to get included in the 'Computers Near Me' you have to be sharing at least one item. In this case the share is the sound.
Nope: Next day had probs. See VMware On 10.1 and you will see that it was a problem with nmbd.
The Linux System Administrator's Guide
42 The Shutdown This is a strange problem. I can not click on the little button in either the task bar or the menu and cause a shutdown of my SuSE Linux version 10.1 alpha-3. The problem is in KDE cause I can start up a terminal and shutdown from there. So, I guess the first place to look would be the KDE site.
43 Zip Drive Strange... at initial boot I could not access the drive. Said that it was not there, even though it was. Could not mount device.
The reported error was:
mount: special device /dev/sda4 does not exist.
However, if I would access YAST and then Software Management, it would activate the Zip Drive... and I could use it!! Not exactly sure what to do about this..??.
Finish The System Wellll... not yet. I was able to get 10.0 and 10.1 alpha-1 working but things went south on version 10.1 alpha-2. I will get back to this later.




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