SuSE 10.1 beta-2 / beta-3 / beta-4


Beta-1 Note:

    In my Humble Opinion, beta-1 was a disaster. Hopefully this one will be better

Preparing for Beta-2 - Now Beta-3 - And Beta-4

    Today is 26 Jan 05. The beta-2 is to be released today. I went to the mirror and they have the new dir but no code... at 2:50am. Yesterday I dumped beta-1 in total disgust. I re-loaded a fresh download of 10.0 from England. They had full copies... never did find out what they ment by complete archives and partial archives.
Beta-3 Note:I am going to just use this for Beta-3 also. Beta-2 wasn't much better than Beta-1. Beta-3 was much better than 1 or two but still had problems. Mainly in the Networking area. I couldn't get it to read my Local Pages.
Beta-4 Note:The release was late and after reading the News I decided to not even mess with this version. I'll wait for Beta-5 or RC1.

Note:Just want to mention that I was able to put QPS and Bluefish in operation in version 10.0. However, I had some problems with apache. One of the things I enjoy with Linux is the fact that I can create WebPages and run them locally as my own ISP, so to speak. I got everything going but could not do that in this version of version 10.0. Turns out I had to add a parameter to the httpd.conf file.
Another Note: Beta-4 did not come out on the 9th or 10th as they had said. It got delayed till the 16th. I was not happy with Beta-3. In fact, I haven't been happy with a lot of the changes that they have been making in this/these latest version(s). There are some subtle things that they are messin with that hurt my style. I think that they are trying to hard to please the Windows crowd and making this more nad more like Windows.

# forbid access to the entire filesystem by default
<Directory />
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from dusty-tr.TRComputing
   In addition to the Indexes FollowSymLinks I had to add the Allow statement.

   A little side note. I was able to install and use VMware 3.2 under SuSE version 10.0.

System Hardware Info:

  • HP 9995 - Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz - PGA 478 (Dec 2001 vintage)
  • Maxtor 6Y120PO - 120GB 7200rpm HD
  • HP dvd640 Dbl Layer DVD±RW
  • Floppy Disk 3.5"
  • NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400
  • Intel(r) 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller
  • OmniKey/ULTRA by Northgate Computer Systems
  • HID-compliant mouse ( USB Optical Scroller Mouse )
  • IDE ATA/ATAPI: Intel(r) 82801BA Bus Master IDE Controller
  • Network adapters: Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
  • External Parallel Port 250MB Zip Drive
  • HP cp1700 Printer - Networked
  • Netgear RT311 Router
  • Netgear PS110 Print Server
  • Hawking 5 port switch/hub

Problems Discussed:

 Networking - Samba - VMware - USB Mouse - Zip Drive - Floppy 

     Size              Date                      Name
721922048   2006-01-20 23:33   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD5.iso*
719798272   2006-01-20 21:22   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD4.iso*
714184704   2006-01-20 18:57   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD3.iso*
679946240   2006-01-20 16:47   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD2.iso*
695261184   2006-01-20 15:12   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD1.iso*
713168896   2006-01-26 22:03   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD5.iso*
710995968   2006-01-26 15:20   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD4.iso*
726245376   2006-01-26 14:46   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD3.iso*
694401024   2006-01-26 13:59   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD2.iso*
699422720   2006-01-26 13:38   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD1.iso*
721713152   2006-02-03 04:57   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta3-CD5.iso*
706324480   2006-02-03 00:21   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta3-CD4.iso*
709089280   2006-02-30 11:55   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta3-CD3.iso*
693282816   2006-02-03 11:35   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta3-CD2.iso*
676663296   2006-02-03 11:16   SUSE-10.1-CD-OSS-i386-Beta3-CD1.iso*

Praises Given:

    Hope there will be some to give ... this time. Unfortunately, my first comment is a complaint. In Beta-2, once again my USB mouse was not recognized... at least in the Install. I performed the check of the MD5SUMS on the disks that I created and they were all ok. During this check my USB mouse did not work.
Beta-3On 03 Feb 06 I was able to create 5 Beta-3 disks and they all passed the MD5SUM check. But... Beta-2 passed them also, even though I had a bad memory stick. Hmmmmmmm... I found that I could move my mouse durint the boot ups and then the USB mouse worked. So, while Beta-3 was coming up I moved around my USB mouse and when I got to the initial Beta-3 install screen the USB mouse worked. I'm going to try again without touching the mouse and see what happens.... well it worked!!

The Install:

    After accepting the defaults on the first couple of items we get to the installation mode and I am choosing Update. I have SuSE 10.0 installed and working and I want to see if I can do an update to 10.1 and keep it working. My previous attemps on this type of Install were not successful. I have everything that I care about working in version 10.0. After selecting Update it properly found my Linux 10.0 partition.

    In the next screen it scanned the system and could not solve all conflicts, required manual intervention:

   lftp 3.0.4-5 conflict with lukeftp

In this case I am going to remove the conflicting package. I personally don't use lukeftp.

    Whilst investigating the above, I found that it is going to dump all of my php4 stuff. I saw in the beta-1 version that they were dumping version 4 for 5. Hope my stuff will still work!!

  • Packs to Update: 665
  • New Packs to Install: 134
  • Packs to Remove: 59
  • Total size of packs to update: 2.4GB
And we're off......

    Allllrighty now. Finished installation and system started. USB mouse works and I still have my setups. Ok. Let's restart and see what happens.... darn! USB mouse does not work. Once again I must end current session, relog on and the USB mouse will work. This is getting to be a big pain.
Beta-2 Note: I also found that I could get the USB mouse to work at boot-up if I moved it around during the boot-up..? Go figure.

Beta-3 Note:Becuase of the memory problem I am doing a FULL install. Now then I have a wild system setup and it seems that every time I install or update my system, the install comes up with some different partitioning. This time it was really wild. I didn't like it and wanted to change it but could not remember how I had things setup. Sooooo, I aborted this Beta-3 install, got out my version 10.0 CD's and started an install with them. I was then shown what I wanted to see. After taking some notes, and aborting the version 10.0 install, I am continuing on with Beta-3.

    Went thru the Beta-3 disks, installed the system and app software. Made some of my own choices. For the Network I just took the defaults. I gota go help my wife on the house and I don't have time. 'Sides, I want to see how the defaults work now-a-days.

    Ok in the Grand Finish it detected my Sony HS95, my Nvidia Gefore 2, and it also found the print server. So it looks good so far. Finally got Installation Complete and we click on finish. The system went out and booted up to the Logon Screen. USB mouse worked and it had me there for a selection to login in. I did and we got a nice pretty blue desktop. On this desktop were:
Mozilla Firefox, My computer, Networking, Office, Printer, SuSE Help and the Trash can. Gota go for now.




First Login:

Beta-2 As mentioned above, on the initial login the USB mouse does not work. As before, in the alphas and the other beta, you must end the current session - NOT restart - but just end the current session and then relogin. The USB mouse will then work.

    The destop looked the same. It had the icons for the apps that I had put there and the two xterms I normally have come up when I start.

Beta-3 Note:Allllrighty! I dual boot my system and for some reason, with this Sony monitor the text of the boot up would run off the page. The Normal desktop would be aligned ok. If I set the monitor's alignment on the menu for the Linux boot-up screens then the WinXP screens would be messed up. Offset a whole 1/4 inch!! Well, the Linux group has fixed my problem. In this version the text in the boot-up is centered. Great.

    Another Beta-3 good thing is the USB mouse. It worked!!

    First Login is good... no... it is great! Hope I can maintain this high attitude.





    We all have our ways of doing things and I have mine. I re-installed my .alias, .function and .xintrc so that I can operate my way. Just some little short cuts to the long arguments for ls and others.

    I also like nedit. They don't include it anymore but I have my own copy that I install on every new release. So far it has continued to work.

USB Mouse:

Beta-2:Doesn't work at first login in. See above.

Beta-3:Works at the Login Screen....and thereafter... hurray!!




Networking - Samba smb & nmb and apache:

Beta-2:At the first logon smbd and nmbd are both running. So they were properly carried over.

    I could connect to the Internet - BUT - I could not connect to my WebPages locally. I suspect that they loaded a brand new httpd.conf file and I wil have to put the changes back in.

Beta-3 Note:I think I can assume that this is working. I have been able to read my Windows drives from my Linux desktop. Course, I think that Samba is needed so Windows can see the Linux stuff so maybe this isn't so great. Need to setup my configuration first.

    Hmmmmm... Doesn't have the correct Network names. Have to make changes. I set my host name to dusty-tr and also set the host name for the printer server, PSD55465. Now we'll reboot and see if it all still works.

    I thought that I had set Samba to start at boot-up, but evidently I didn't. Cause it didn't start. However, after going into YAST and setting Samba server properly, at boot-up it started Samba... yahoooo.

    Ooooops... no apache (httpd). Hmmm could've sworn that I started that. Let's check in YAST. Nope. Darn, must be to many changes here for my feeble brain to handle. Think I'm forgetting which alpha or beta that I'm on and what I've done. Arrrggg! Set it to be started at boot time and in doing so it got started for this session.

    Well... it can't find my WebPages on my local machine. We went from can't finding the server to can't finding the WebPage. I guess that is progress. Here we go again. Ok, I put the phpinfo test in the htdocs dir and executed it from Firefox. It worked. So it can find something that is "Local". What is the problem?? I put the changes mentioned above in httpd.conf.

    Have not been able to resolve this.





Printer Configuration
HP Color Inkjet Printer CP1700 / printer
Connected As socket://PSD55465:4010
With Spool printer

Queue Name and Spooler Settings
Name for Printing: printer
Printer Description: HP cp1700 InkJet
Printer Location: Family Room
Printer Model
Manufacturer: HP
Model: Inkjet Printer CP1700
PPD Files
1. HP Color Inkjet Printer CP1700 Foomatic/hpijs (recommended)(manufacturer-PPDs/hplip/HP-Color_Inkjet_Printer_CP1700-gimp-print.ppd.gz)
2. HP Color Inkjet Printer CP1700 Foomatic/gimp-print (recommended)(HP/Color_Inkjet_Printer_CP1700-gimp-print.ppd.gz)
Connection - Direct TCP Port Printer
Hostname of Print Server: PSD55465 (Netgear PS110)
TCP Port Number: 4010
Filter Settings - Configuration Options
These are to numerous to list here and are just the settings that you like on your printer. I'm sure that most, if not all, will be able to figure this out by themselves.
Restriction Settings
In here you can set Users that may or may not use this printer or class.
State and Banner Settings
State(2): 1. Idle or printing    2. Accepting Jobs
Banner Start: clasified, confidential, none, secret, standard, top secret, unclassified
Banner End: clasified, confidential, none, secret, standard, top secret, unclassified




Beta-2: I did get the boot sounds but no other tests were made.

Beta-3 Note:Nothing to report.





In Beta-2 this worked. Course I didn't change the settings so I don't know if it will work properly with the setting to not restore the desktop. Not important now.

Beta-3 Note:Worked fine. I changed the setting so that it would start with an empty session and it still let me shutdown. Good progress. On start-up it does not display double xterms if I have not cleared them when I exited the last time. In other words, it starts with an empty or clean session.




Internet & Browsers:

Beta-2:Mozilla Firefox worked... that's all I know for now.

Beta-3 Note:Once again, Firefox worked fine. Haven't set up Thunderbird e-mail yet.

    Well, I just did. I didn't notice that Thunderbird 1.5 was included in the software packages. I went back into YAST and found it and installed it. Now need to see if I can set it up with my old mail.

    Well, it screwed up again. I create 3 folders in my mail environment. One for chucktr on, one for chucktr on and one for tr on Now in Netscape, I see these name as the headers in the mail folders. Here in Firefox I don't see them UNLESS I setup Netscape with these folders and then import the settings. Annnnd that is exactly what I did. Dumped my T-bird profile, installed and setup Netscape and then recovered my Mail. After this I re-setup Thunderbird and during the setup I said "import" and when it was finished I had the folders showing in the left window with the proper mailbox names. I'll have to remember to check on this at Mozilla and report it if it hasn't been already.





In Beta-2 I did not get to test this.

Beta-3 Note:Since I couldn't get it to read my local pages it remains untested.




Compile the kernel??

Beta-2: I'm almost afraid to... but I must... and I did. Compile time was 65min 48sec. The main reason for this was/is it install VMware.

Beta-3 Note:Allllrighty Now. It compiled successfully in 69min 42secs. Now to see which VMware I can get installed. That is the only reason for the compile. At least at this time.





Beta-2: Nope. It did not get carried over. I knew that I would have to compile the kernel to make all the packages, moduels and configurations for the new kernel. But, I can not load VMware 3.2. The library module is missing. I haven't found one yet and I'm not sure that it is worth it anymore. I have been blessed with a copy of VMware 5.5 from a conference that they presented here in Phoenix. So, I will possibly attempt to run VMware 3.2 in later versions ... to see if it will... but other than that I think I am just gona use 5.5 OR their new VMware Player.

    In case you have missed it, VMware is now offering a Player so that, we who don't like changes, can still use our Pet software from the "old days". Mine is primarily Homesite. Annnd... all of my customers are using Windows. So I need to keep in touch with the Windows world.

    Well, looks like I missed it. VMware 5.5 will not install on SuSE 10.1 Beta-2. Couldn't compile vmmon or vmnet. Need to find out why I guess. So far no luck. It is missing a define and has conflicts on another.

Beta-3 Note:VMware installation was... an experience. Good thing we have Petr (Petr Vandrovec). He is an expert on VMware and is very knowledgeable about all this computer stuff. I tried to install both VMware 3.2 and 5.5.1 and could not get past the vmware-config part. Kept failing in the compile. There is a fix from Petr and it is in the Makefile.kernel which is found in vmmon.tar and vmnet.tar. You must add (and this is a quote):
into Makefile.kernel, just after -Iinclude2/asm/mach-default (on same line).
Personally I just made it the line after and put a "\" at the end of the new line. It worked for me, on the 5.5.1 version. I made some attempts at version 3.2 but no luck. I do think that is a lost cause. From now on I will just use version 5.5.1 or the updates.

    Now we have VMware 5.5.1 installed and I need to install Win2K. However, when I place the CD in the top drive, which is my recorer, it doesn't read it. After some fumbling and further investigation, I found that it was looking at the DVD-ROM drive, which is the second one down. Normally they take the first one in the list. This time they took the second.

    Anyway, I was able to get Win2K loaded and running. I found that this Beta-3 version includes icons for VM-Player and for VMware Workstation. However, I made my own and I am still using it. Why? Cause it is mine and I like it.





Beta-2: Hey, Hey, Hey. Bluefish got carried over. It works in this Beta-2 version and I didn't have to do a thing. Now, understand. I did not install it under Beta-2. It was previously installed in version 10.0 and this was an Update. Even so, it works.

Beta-3 Note:Okm this was a FULL install. In the previous alpha's and beta's I had some trouble getting everything needed to compile and setup bluefish. For this version it worked fine. I had to install the following packages in order to get this to work:

  • pkg-config
  • libgtk2.0-dev
  • pcre-config
After the above were placed into action, I could then compile and install bluefish. In fact this little section about bluefish is being written in bluefish.





    Not running yet.

-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2048 2005-11-20 15:04 address.MYI
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2048 2005-11-20 15:04 email.MYI
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2048 2005-11-20 15:04 master_name.MYI
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2048 2005-11-20 15:04 perif_equip.MYI
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2048 2005-11-20 15:04 service_calls.MYI
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2048 2005-11-20 15:04 telephone.MYI
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 3608 2005-11-19 10:46 address.MYD
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 1864 2005-11-19 10:46 email.MYD
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 1932 2005-11-19 10:46 master_name.MYD
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 1520 2005-11-19 10:46 telephone.MYD
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 1424 2005-11-19 10:44 perif_equip.MYD
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 19484 2005-11-19 10:42 service_calls.MYD
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2048 2005-11-08 11:09 computer.MYI
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2048 2005-11-08 11:09 parts_used.MYI
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 5968 2005-11-08 09:38 computer.MYD
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2964 2005-11-08 09:31 parts_used.MYD
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 2048 2005-06-30 14:02 secphone.MYI
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 160 2005-06-30 04:18 secphone.MYD
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 8922 2005-03-18 23:38 parts_used.frm
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 9127 2005-03-16 06:37 service_calls.frm
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 9230 2005-03-06 18:47 computer.frm
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 8820 2005-02-23 14:03 perif_equip.frm
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 8740 2005-02-23 10:55 email.frm
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 8810 2005-02-23 10:50 secphone.frm
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 8810 2005-02-23 10:50 telephone.frm
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 8798 2005-02-23 10:48 address.frm
-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 8793 2005-02-23 09:08 master_name.frm



QPS - Process Monitor:

Beta-2: Well, unfortunately this didn't carry across on the Update. However, all I had to do was re-install it. So, no big problem.
    QPS Home.

Beta-3 Note:Alllllrighty now. QPS installed and executed finely.




K3B - CD/DVD recording:

    In Beta-2 I did not get to test this.

Beta-3 Note:

    Not tested again.




Zip Drive:

Now then, in order to get my Parallel zip drive working in 10.0 I had to set things up manually.
In fstab:
/dev/sda4   /media/zip   subfs  user,noauto,fs=auto,procuid,nosuid,nodev,sync    0 0
create /media/zip

and then, create the device node (be careful with your spelling!):

cd /dev
mknod sda4 b 8 4
chown root:disk sda4

    I did not get this working in Beta-2.

Beta-3 Note:

    Didn't get it working here either..!




Floppy Drive

Beta-2: Well, this drive and my two DVD drives got left out of the fstab. In My Computer it showed the floppy but I couldn't access it. The only other drive in my computer was/is the Recovery Partition. ? ? Not sure what is going on here. Got no one to talk to.

Beta-3 Note:Ditto on the note above.




Waiting for RC1 ? ? ?




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