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    Well, not much writing on this page. Most, if not all, will be found in the other pages listed in the menus. Those pages may not be as neat as some of my others cause they were written as I was going through system building and experimenting. I don't have write-ups from the very beginning of my career. That was a long time ago with the 8008 and CP/M. I do have some notes from that time period around here somewhere and I may include them. If I can find them. Just for historical reasons and old times sake.

    In viewing these pages, for that matter, when viewing any pages, you might want to narrow your browser viewing area. Rather than try to follow something clear across the screen and back, it is better if you squeeze down the text. My plans are to reformat all into a more columnar format for better reading. But if I haven't, try the technique mentioned.

  System Rebuild

Information on this will be found in other pages but we are mentioning it here. Just because. Last month, September, and this month, October 2013, we had to somewhat re-build our desktop. It is the HP m7480n that has been mentioned elsewhere a number of times. We got it January 25th, 2007 - 5 days before the release of Vista.

Ok, so much for that. What we did was:

  • Replace the MotherBoard
  • replace the Power Suppy
  • replace the Video Card

We made our 'old' computer 'new' again. -But- not all was/is well. The MotherBoard was replaced because we had Hard Drive failures. The SATA ports went south. It was less costly to buy a new one than to get the original repaired... $35.93 for the MB plus $23.64 for shipping. Not to bad, since it came from China. Also came faster than forcasted.

The Power Supply was kinda 'extra'. At least at first. We had to get a new one for my wife's PC cause we installed a more powerful Video card in her machine. Don't remember why, -but- we ordered two. One for her and one for me. They were $63.74 a piece and free shipping.


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